Hands up those who want to be silk
Friday, August 12, 2011
Justinian in Bar Talk, Silk selection

Here we go again ... A fresh/old batch of NSW applicants for the silk robe ... Tragedy awaits ... 96 in contention ... Salon de refusés beckons 

My, how quickly this annual festival rolls around.

The list of NSW barristers who are trying to catch the eye of the silk selectors is available to Justinian's subscribers for inspection. 

A slightly smaller contingent of 96 anxious/brave/reckless souls has placed itself in contention. 

Plenty of regulars are there and one has to admire their tireless pluck.  

The results of the filtering, finessing and fabricating should be known by early October. 

There's something a little tragic about the whole enterprise. (We'll get around to explaining that one day.)

The sensible thing would be to make everyone silk. 

Alas, this is unlikely to happen as an elaborate ritual of choosing and rejecting has to be performed - as rigidly formalised as Kabuki theatre. 

Consequently, our analysts predict for this year a larger than average salon de refusés

Stand by ... 

NSW SC applicants for 2011 

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