Line-up for new CJ of Queensland 
Thursday, February 27, 2014
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Names, form and potential ... Who's in contention for the chief's job ... Age and weight a factor ... Farewell Daphnis - it was great fun 

de Jersey has been rehearsing the Governor's job for years

With the shift by two wigs Daphnis de Jersey to the pile at Ithaca, what is the book looking like for his replacement as CJ of Queensland? 

Bear in mind it is conceivable the LNP regime will be looking for someone who can give good long-term service - who will see the current administration through to the end, and beyond. 

The compulsory retirement age for Queensland Supremos is 70. Ideally, the government would like a CJ with a good 10-15 years of service up their sleeve. 

Of course, this is not to suggest for a minute that any of the contenders could be counted upon to be politically loyal. 

Daphnis de Jersey did 16 years in the saddle as CJ and served on the court for an incredible 29 years. He was appointed at the tender age of 37, abd pipped Tony Fitzgerald for the post of CJ.  

Here are the most likely names in contention. 

John Byrne: a loyal deputy to de Jersey and long-serving Senior Judge Administrator. Highly regarded in judicial administration circles around the country. A safe pair of hands. However, at 66 this year he would only have four years in the top job before retirement. 

Hugh Fraser: hard working and well-connected Court of Appeal judge, who keeps his age a secret, but would have some good years to spare. 

Bob Gotterson: a recent LNP appointee direct to Court of Appeal, former prez of the ABA and recipient of an AO gong in January, which got tongues wagging about a future elevation. Again, there could be an age issue. He's 65 this year, only five more to spare should he be anointed CJ. 

Glenn Martin: A Supreme Court judge and former ABA prez, who with his ability to organise conferences for barristers in Florence, Berlin, Dublin, and other important legal centres, should have no trouble running a small shop like the Supreme Court of Qld. Martin is believed to somehow or other still run the Qld bar from his current perch on the court, and is frighteningly well plugged-in to everything that moves and shakes. 
If the government looks outside the court, then Liberal Party worthies like Lord Peter Dunning QC come into contention. 

No Waves Traves caused insufficient ripples to be rewarded with a spot on the bench, but is not favoured to be parachuted into the CJ spot.

Justinian's $5.95 is on Martini, shaken not stirred. 

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