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    Silk queue

    Applicants for Senior Counsel in New South Wales ... 102 put their hands up in a bleak market ... Repeat contenders aplenty ... The list in full 

    Waiting for silk

    THIS year sees a beefy contingent of 102 NSW barristers who have filled in the forms and sent in their SC applications on time.

    Sixteen women have applied or 15.7 percent, up on the previous year's 13 percent.

    Last year there were 113 applicants with 24 making the cut, an overall success rate of 21 percent.

    In 2012 there were 117 contenders (28 percent female). Overall, 26 (22 percent) were selected as senior counsel in 2012. 

    There's also information about the applicants in 2011

    Here is the fresh crop of hopefuls for 2014. The asterisk* means the candidate had previously applied for silk within the last three years. In fact, of the current list nearly two-thirds, or 64 percent, are repeating the experience. 

    Bon courage ...

    Adams  Neil John*
    Crown Prosecutor 

    Alder  Keith Harold

    Anderson  Mark William*
    Frederick Jordan

    Andronos  Kevin Leo 
    11 Wentworth  

    Austin  Mark Donald*
    Public Defender 

    Bambagiotti  Philip John* 
    10 St James Hall

    Baran  David Emmanuel*
    Jack Shand

    Barrett  Patrick Edward* 
    Crown Prosecutor 

    Bashir  Gabrielle Antionette

    Bevan  Christopher John*
    8 Wentworth 

    Bourke  Ian David*
    Frederick Jordan  

    Brady  Grant Allan* 

    Brogan  David Joseph*
    11 St James Hall 

    Campton  Peter Anthony*

    Carr  Lee John 
    Crown Prosecutor

    Casselden  Adam

    Cheshire  Anthony Peter
    8 Wentworth 

    Cinque  Maria Maddalena*
    Crown Prosecutor 

    Cook  Doran Lane*

    Corish  Thomas Scott*

    Culkoff  Vera*
    2 Selborne 

    Daley  Mark Allan John
    Frederick Jordan 

    Darke  Matthew John 
    19 Selborne/Wentworth

    Dennis  Mark Philip

    Dimitriadis  Christian
    Nigel Bowen 

    Docking  Brendan Gregory*
    HB Higgins

    Faulkner  Timothy Michael
    12 Wentworth/Selborne

    George  Gregory Peter*
    3 Wentworth 

    Gibian  Mark
    HB Higgins 

    Giles  Jeremy Christopher*
    7 Selborne

    Glasson  Robert Dudley 

    Glissan  Paul Raymond* 
    4 Selborne

    Goodman  Scott Anthony
    7 Selborne 

    Gracie  James Anthony* 
    Sir James Martin 

    Gracie  Malcolm Reeves* 

    Green  Michael* 
    13 St James Hall

    Griffin  Patrick James
    7 Garfield Barwick

    Hall  Michael Rowland
    Nigel Bowen 

    Harvey  Ian Lesley* 
    3 Wentworth 

    Healey  Anne Patricia*  
    Frederick Jordan  

    Heath  Michael Joseph*  
    5 Wentworth 

    Heath  Valerie May*  
    Maurice Byers

    Heathcote  Gregory Robert* 
    8 Garfield Barwick

    Herbert  Siobhan
    Crown Prosecutor

    Hoeben  Geraldine Maple Myra*

    Hogan-Doran  Dominique* 
    6 St James Hall

    Hughes  Thomas Desmond Forrest
    Ada Evans

    Hull  Brendan* 
    12 Wentworth/Selborne

    Johnston  Gregory Michael* 
    Family Law Chambers

    Jordan  David Keith
    13 St James Hall 

    Judge  Lynette Elizabeth* 
    Lachlan Macquarie

    King  Peter Edward*  
    Queen's Square  

    Kluss  Susan May
    Maurice Byers

    Lange  Peter David* 
    Maurice Byers

    Lawson  Mark*  
    Edmund Barton 

    Loofs  Jean-Jacques Thomas* 
    8 Garfield Barwick 

    McAuley  Michael John* 
    2 Selborne  

    McGrath  Gordon Mackintosh*
    13 St James Hall 

    McGrath  Peter John*  
    Crown Prosecutor

    McGuire  Paul Rennie*
    7 Garfield Barwick

    McKay  Kenneth Leslie 
    Crown Prosecutor  

    McKenzie  Timothy Francis* 
    2 Wentworth

    McLennan  Jeffrey Mark 
    Crown Prosecutor

    Montgomery  Robert Edward* 
    9 Selborne 

    Morris  Jeremy Mearns* 
    13 St James Hall 

    O'Brien  Anthony John* 
    7 Garfield Barwick

    O'Donnell  Christopher Peter*  
    Frederick Jordan  

    Ower  Terence Michael*  
    4 Wentworth

    Patch  David Hugh* 
    Crown Prosecutor - Parramatta

    Perrignon  Richard John*
    4 St James Hall 

    Perry  Michael James 

    Polin  Nicholas Joseph 
    4 Wentworth 

    Priestley  Jonathon James
    9 Wentworth  

    Prince  Shane Eric John 

    Rana  Rashda Parveen* 
    Ground Wentworth  

    Rigg  Belinda 
    Public Defender

    Robertson  David Alexander Cochrane*  
    Nigel Bowen

    Royle  Richard William Carter* 
    Sir Owen Dixon

    Sansom  Paul Neil William* 

    Scotting  Andrew Craig*
    13 St James Hall  

    Shields  Brett John Anderson* 
    12 Selborne  

    Skinner  Peter Mark* 
    Samuel Griffith

    Smith  Craig John Gordon* 
    Public Defender

    Smith  Justin Dupont 
    7 Selborne  

    Sneddon  Mark William*
    PG Hely

    Stewart  Angus Morkel 
    12 Wentworth/Selborne

    Stuckey-Clarke  Jennifer Ellen
    15 Wardell 

    Sweet  Russell Mark* 
    Frederick Jordan

    Toomey  Dominic Robert 
    11 Garfield Barwick 

    Traill  Catherine Margaret*
    3 St James Hall 

    Vindin  Christian Andrew 
    2 Wentworth 

    Walker  Mary*
    9 Wentworth

    Walsh  Mark Justin
    7 Wentworth

    Ward  Christopher Scott*
    12 Wentworth/Selborne 

    Warren  Darryl Leslie
    6-7 St James Hall

    Waters  John Alexander*
    6 Windeyer

    Waugh  Gregory Richard* 
    12 Wentworth/Selborne 

    Wendler  Gabriel Dominicus* 
    7 Windeyer 

    Wilkinson  Stephen William* 
    11 Garfield Barwick

    Williams  Nanette*
    Crown Prosecutor 

    Wilson  David Michael 
    Elizabeth Strreet 

    Zammit  Michael Samuel 

    List of 2014 SC applicants with practice areas and seniority  

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