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Acid-green is the new black ... Lord Eldon adorned in shimmering robes ... Special occasion ... Loopholes in the dress code ... Splendid raiment comes out of the closet ... Queen Anne and Charles 11 mourned for too long ... Read more ... 

Justinian Columnists

SCOTUS rescues the gerrymander ... US Supreme Court washes its hands of election rigging ... Trump lawlessness ... The president losing droves of court cases ... Financial irregularities ... Cosmetic inquiries ... Persecution of migrant children ... Our man in Washington ... Read more ... 



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Panda claws solicitor ... Panda politics at USyd's Student Representative Council ... Student politicians terminate the SRC's long-standing lawyer ... Allegations back and forth on Facebook ... Lawyer refuses to act for SRC president in defamation case ... Read more ... 

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    "In the society [Hong Kong] governed by law, people were persecuted in accordance with the law." 

    Liu Xiaoming, Chinese ambassador to the UK. Channel 4 News, July 3, 2019 ... Read more flatulence ... 

    Justinian Featurettes

    Reds in the bed ... Unreal events rendered lifeless in Red Joan ... The chutney-making housewife who passed on atomic research secrets to the Soviet Union ... A nice job at the Non-Ferrous Metals Research Association ... Miss Lumière is deeply unmoved with this version ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Estcourt on Web 2 ... Stephen Estcourt QC, as he then was ... The foodie, blogger and social media fiend explained in July 2010 how Web 2 expanded his life and work … Now, as a judge of the Supreme Court of Tasmania, it seems he has extricated himself from all this social media cross-fertilisation ... The price of judicial appointment ... Read more ... 



    Justinian featurettes

    There's another world beyond law and lawyering ... and here you can find it: reviews, wine notes, interviews, and unpacking the human condition.  

    Critics' Corner: reviews of books, films and TV by Worm, I. Box and Miss Lumière.
    Déjà Vu: marvellous slices of history from Justinian's bulging archive. 
    JustyFlix: our film crew covers the most glittering events on the calendar. 
    On the Couch: where notable notables bear their souls. 
    Week@TheKnees: a review of the week's main news stories on lawyers and the law. 
    Wendler on Wine: spectacular wine reviews, gargling and spitting from barrister Gabriel Wendler.  

    All our featurettes have escaped from inside the paywall.  



    Generations of Australian wine growers show their lineage 

    Justinian's wine correspondent G.D. Wendler hotfooted it to the masterclass, feast and tasting put on at The Ivy by Australia's First Families of Wine ... There were plenty of wild moments for the palate ... Toasty vanilla noses and more 

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    Chris Geraghty

    Retired judge and former Catholic priest Chris Geraghty is on Justinian's couch ... His latest book Dancing with the Devil, traces his painful journey from the priesthood to the bench ... He also faces his own inadequate response to dealing with sexual abuse of a young seminarian by Father Vincent Kiss 

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    Mark Lewis

    Mark Lewis, the king of phone hacking litigation in the UK, is on Justinian's couch ... Lewis also led the campaign to unstitch Scotland Yard's cover-up of News International's illegalities ... He has opened-up fresh assaults against News, taking the fight to its heartland in the US ... Mark Lewis has just settled his own libel case against the Metropolitan Police ... Here, among other things, he tell us what's in his fridge 

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    "I love you Martha Costello"

    Silk, the latest barrister TV drama from the Beeb ... Barristers' ethical dilemmas, chamber's politics, sexual tension, and getting the clients "off" ...  What's not to love about this wonderfully crafted series ... "I love you [Martha Costello]" ... From our TV writer I. Box 

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    Michelle Gortan

    Lawyers escaping the law ... Michelle Gortan ... From trade marks at Freehills to improving the image of Britain in Chile ... Strategies for the arts and creative industries ... Now the deputy GM at Bell Shakespeare ... Michelle, a Rocky Road sort of gal, is on Justinian's couch humming a Bruckner symphony 

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    Kristen Walker

    Constitutional, gender studies and human rights lawyer ... Refugee advocate ... Former associate to Mason CJ ... Finkelstein inquiry legal adviser ... Pancake eater ... Truly, Madly Deeply fan ... Kristen Walker is on Justinian's couch 

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    Jon Osbeiston - merchant of wine

    Justinian's wine critic Gabriel Wendler chats with one of Australia's premier wine merchants, Jon Osbeiston ... The state of the wine market ... Can China save our industry? ... Wine fraud ... The difference between toothpaste and wine ... A dozen favourites ... With video 

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    Come the Revolution

    Andrew West reviews journalist Alex Mitchell's memoir Come The Revolution ... Tabloid reporter and Sunday Times investigative hound ... Idi Amin ... Muammar Gaddafi ... Vanessa and Corin Redgrave ... The Bellevue Hotel set ... The mad, bad and the beautiful against the backdrop of a stunning career  ... Further evidence that journalism is riddled with Trots

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    Documentary evidence

    Pitch perfect and pitch noir ... Miss Lumière takes us to Bill Cunningham: New York and Autoluminesence: Rowland S. Howard ... Documentaries and what they don't tell us 

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    Bulgarian oak comes into its own

    Justinian's wine panel - Francis Douglas, Cameron Jackson and our wine editor Gabriel Wendler - get to grips with four bottles from the Kay dynasty at McLaren Vale's Amery vineyard ... Tasting notes ... JustyFlix records the action 

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