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Innovations in fee collection ... Barrister lightly spanked for sending disturbing fee threat to former clients ... "See what happens if you don't pay your bills" ... File leverage ... Agreement not to complain in exchange for the file ... NCAT bares its gums ... Read more ... 

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Do nothing in the new utopia ... Policy vacuums ... Private sector leaders are filling voids created by sleepwalking politicians ... Voice to parliament and global warming left in the cold - which, somehow, gets us to the casualisation of the workforce, particularly at universities ... Fly-in, fly-out law school lecturers ... Full Federal Court wrestles with a "casual employee" ... Read more ... 

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Time to act on Magnitsky ... Where's our Magnitsky Act? ... An effective way of dealing with corrupt individuals who violate human rights ... Lapsed Bill in the Commonwealth parliament ... The legacy of Russia's abuse of power and the calculated killing of state enemies ... Read more ... 

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    "I am really and truly pleased that I have been vindicated and that the court has preserved the presumption of innocence."   

    Tom Domican, "colourful" Sydney identity, who provided security services to a Kings Cross drug dealer, after settling for $100,000 his defamation case against nightclub entrepreneur John Ibrahim and Pan Macmillan. September 13, 2019 ... Read more flatulence ... 

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    David Hunt remembered ... Former NSW defamation judge and chief judge at common law ...The List with Socratic case management ... Defamation exotica ... Refinement of pleadings, perhaps over-refinement ... Prodigious worker ... International criminal law ... Tributes from Graham Hryce, David Rolph, Justice Mark Ierace and Judge Judith Gibson ... Read more ... 

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    Sentencing terror ... Fabulous sentencing transcript from County Court, Victoria ... Judge James Montgomery and counsel wrestle with the dates and the years ... Pythonesque proceedings ... Court reporter struggles to keep up ... Tears to the eyes ... From the archive, June 2012 ... Read more ... 



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    Ian Collie

    Ian Collie is in the frame ... Producer of the five-part ABC TV series On Trial, he managed for the first time in Australia to get cameras into court to film a murder trial ... He's also co-producing a series that explores three pivotal criminal trials from the colonial era ... He also has Rake ... Hell Has Harbour Views ... A Case for the Coroner among his credits ... The former Slater & Gordon solicitor is on Justinian's couch   

    Ian Collie - sex on legsDescribe yourself in three words.

    Some of my TV crews address me with the acronym SOL, which I understand means Sex On Legs. Sadly I think they are taking the piss.

    What are you currently reading?

    As a TV producer I have the attention span of an eight-year old, but I do love books. Currently reading "A Visit from the Goon Squad" by Jennifer Egan, "Out of Sheer Rage" by Jeff Dyer, and "The Forever War" by Dexter Filkins.  And Tina Fey's "Bossypants" is a fun dunny read.

    What's your favourite film?

    A toss up between "Chinatown" and " Taxi Driver". And an honourable mention to "Melvin, Son of Alvin".

    Who has been the most influential person in your life?

    My wife. I wouldn't dare nominate anyone else!

    What is your favourite piece of music?

    Too many to chose from. Current favourites on my playlist include the gorgeous harmonies of "People Get Ready" by Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions, the rawness of Karen Dalton's "Katie Cruel", the sexiness of Dusty Springfield's "Just a Little Lovin'" and the sublime Scott Walker on "Make It Easy on Yourself".

    What is in your refrigerator?

    A bucket full of veges and green guff from Saturday's food market. And my prize acquisition, a smelly washed-rind cheese.

    What is your favourite website?

    YouTube. I love showing my teenage daughter all these wonderful songs from the 60s and 70s.

    What is your most recognised talent?

    Playing basketball for about 10 years now and achieving a career high of five baskets.

    What words or phrases do you overuse? 

    Signing off telephone calls with "See you anon" - audible groans from the family every time they hear it. 

    What is your greatest weakness? 

    Wine, ciggies (when I've had too much wine) and French cheeses. 

    Why did you stop being a lawyer?

    I didn't give up on the law. The law gave up on me. Fortunately the Idiot Box had a position vacant.

    What did "On Trial" teach you about the law that you didn't already know? 

    That lawyers are surprisingly vain. "But what if I lost the case?" they would sometimes whine. 

    What personal possession would you never surrender?

    My library of cook books. 

    What's your most glamorous feature? 

    Not long ago a young, attractive woman touched my face and said I had lovely skin. I have been dining out on that unsolicited flattery ever since. 

    If you were a foodstuff, what would you be?

    Pickled tofu. Like my jokes, the response to this foodstuff ranges from gagging, to indifference, to sheer pleasurable delight. 

    What human quality do you most distrust? 

    Happiness. Some people say I'm a happy chappy. But I soooo know myself! 

    What would you change about Australia? 

    The movie or the country? (Don't get me started on the former!) Australia likes to talk itself up (and sometimes has good reason) but its inherent conservatism can give me the screaming meemies at times. 

    Whom or what do you consider overrated?


    What would your epitaph say?

    Here lies a failed lawyer. Gave it a reasonable shot but ... 

    What comes into your mind when you shut your eyes and think of the word "law"?

    An attractive female judge administering a damn good flogging.

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