Muddied oafs
Wednesday, May 8, 2019
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Ancient rugger buggers ... It was 1956 and Sir William Slim was Governor General, Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean surfaced in Moscow and My Fair Lady opened on Broadway ... It was also the year that two teams of NSW solicitors and barristers squeezed into their footy gear and scrummed down ... 

Victoria Barracks, Sydney The former NSW Public Solicitor Tom Kelly found in the bottom draw of his desk some old pieces of paper listing the players for the 1956 rugby union play off at Victoria Barracks between solicitors and barristers. 

Two teams - one for the under 30s and another for the over 30s. The results are unknown although there were reports at the time that some of the front row barristers were giving their opposing number squirrel grips in the scrum. 

Kelly kindly passed the documents to your editor who, for no other purpose than idle historical curiosity, is sharing the details with his long suffering readers. 

Don't you love the way players are identified by their schools ... 


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