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News from the font of misfeasance ... ICAC chalks-up another win ... Corrupt businessman's notice to produce sent packing ... Journalist's campaign against ICAC founders ... Bizarre straddle on UN meddling ... Read more ... 

Justinian Columnists

Tommy Playford - South Australia's energy socialist ... Procrustes reviews a new film, The NEG ... Everything new is old again ... How South Australia's Tom Playford split the government with his energy policy, but captured the support of Labor ... Why didn't Turnbull take a leaf from Sir Thomas' book? ... Read more ... 



Justinian's Bloggers

Herogram for a CLC ... Inner Melbourne Community Legal's first 40 years ... Started by big-wigs for disadvantaged citizens ... Health-Justice partnerships ... Legal-Social partnerships ... Peach Melba on a vibrant social-justice model  ... Read more ... 

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    "I've never known an editor in this country that has ever suggested Rupert Murdoch or any family member has intructed them to do anything ..." 

    John Hartigan, long-serving Murdoch retainer, responding to Kevin Rudd's description of News Corp as a "cancer" on democracy. The Sydney Morning Herald, August 28, 2018 ... Read more flatulence ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

    Justinian Featurettes

    The Chaser's Julian Morrow gets serious on Justinian's Couch ... An escapee from the law who came into our lives as a comedian and satirist ... The joys of employment law could not hold him ... Now the master of ceremonies at Continuing Professional Development Under the Influence ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Saving newsprint by omitting drivel ... Election advice – ignore the War Party ... Abe Saffron – libel terrorist ... Rugby notes ... Conniptions at Uni of Syd over Challis chair and law school merger ... Evan Whitton at large ... From Justinian's archive, July 16, 2010 ... Read more ... 



    Julian Morrow

    The Chaser's Julian Morrow gets serious on Justinian's Couch ... An escapee from the law who came into our lives as a comedian and satirist ... The joys of employment law could not hold him ... Now the master of ceremonies at Continuing Professional Development Under the Influence 

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    Post-retirement judicial snafu

    Molonglo Bulletin ... Latest developments on the case of the unfortunate Mr Lewis, caught in the cruel machinery of the ACT Supreme Court ... Case that is long in the tooth ... Multiple judgments at cross-purposes ... Dickensian developments ... Artemus Jones reports 

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    King of the courts

    Expansion of the Federal Court empire sees Registrar on more pay than the judges ... Enlarged title ... Massive expansion of budgets, staff and judicial officers under territorial sway of bureaucratic operator par excellence ... Personal submission to President of the Remuneration Tribunal 

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    Pix People

    Family Court CJ on message with the attorney general ... Searching for Sarah Fregon's replacement at Vic's Bar ... Lease of life for Act of Settlement, 1701 ... Theodora reports 

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    Cases and catastrophes

    One more minus ... Support for Bernard Collaery ... Attempted throttling at chamber's drinkies ... Judges prefer Blackstone ... Dog of a case ... Adversarial difficulties in Latin America ... Theodora reports 

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    Rhodes scholars

    A gaggle of judges invade Rhodes ... The significance of Hellenism to contemporary legal issues ... Personal injury and audio-visual technology ... SA barristers stamping their tiny feet for QC gongs ... Murray Darling royal commission running out of water ... Significance for the Palace letters appeal ... Procrustes files 

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    Family Court: facts v fiction

    "Sources close to the Family Court" prepare a fact sheet that shoots holes in "Christian" Porter's case for abolishing the court ... Lies, damn lies and blatant falsities ... Family law restructure farcical ... Pitch for survival as judges mount the battlements ... Here's the judges' fact sheet, in full ... 

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    Inspector McClintock gives ICAC a clean bill of health

    Complaints against the NSW corruption watchdog dismissed ... Magistrate made an elementary mistake about exculpatory evidence  ... ICAC is not a court, it is part of the executive government ... Findings of corruption still stick despite bonkers beat-ups from News Corp hacks ... Nick Bonyhady reports 

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    Life of Clive

    Clive Evatt leader of the defamation bar - RIP ... Passionate about plaintiffs, yet gave significant leg-ups to defendants ... Charming, wily and unrelenting ... The Evatt business model ... Dubious clients and desperate cases ... A big life beyond the law ... Thoughts from colleagues and opponents 

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