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Not too flash ... Filibuster on Bell questions at senate estimates ... Judicial developments at The Map ... Tidball - there's a song in his heart ... Worthwhile cause of the week ... Read more ... 

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Multi-pronged admission applications ... Federal copper who stalked his former girlfriend meets himself coming around corners ... Various irreconcilable explanations in his applications for admission as a legal practitioner ... ACT one day, Queensland the next ... Read more ... 


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A pop star comes to campus ... Letter from Cambridge ... Rihanna does not sing ... Just a short talk to celebrate her award as Harvard's Humanitarian of the Year ... Rock star professors are pale in comparison ... Hannah Ryan reports, with a bad dose of hero worship ... Read more ... 

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    "I think political correctness has become a problem in Western societies, we've become far too apologetic about our Western identity and anything that's some kind of defence of cultural traditionalism or national identity is in many ways frowned on." 

    Former Prime Minister John Howard making the case on behalf of his inner bigot, speaking at a CEDA lunch, March 3, 2017 ... Read more ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Bill Hosking ... Public defender, judge and author Bill Hosking QC is on the couch, clutching his new book Justice Denied ... Crime and injustice is the theme ... Heroic trials recalled and brought back to life ... Some bad cops have their moment in the spotlight ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Forget Senior Counsel, let's try "Super Lawyer" ... New Jersey tried to stamp-out out "self-aggrandising" titles such as "Super Lawyer". Actually the "Super Lawyer" selection process was superior to those that are used here to appoint new Senior Counsell ... Read more ... 



    Yarraside lad rolls out goodies for London lawyers

    Paralegal-law firm nudges aside solicitors ... Scottish government sued by former head of child sex abuse inquiry ... British barrister's Twitter tirades ... Offshore developments  

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    Adventures in billing

    Lawyers acting in their own cause and reaping the rewards in the process ...  Judges taking a dim view of lawyer inspired money-making litigation ...  Charging fees to yourself ... The Chorley exception on appeal ... Daniel Ahern examines some recent cases 

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    Tales of the South Pacific

    Enjoying a Slice of Samoa ... Fees burnt in Cauldron blaze ...  "Don't hesitate - litigate" ... More prosecutors take to the bench  

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    The journalistic career of Michael Bradley

    Busy managing partner pumps out the commentary in a prolific stream of articles ... While many journalists are desperate to get into law we find a lawyer who's bursting to write 

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    Say nothing

    Supreme Court's broad restraining order against Amber Harrison ... Rest of the media threatened by Channel 7 with dire consequences if they report any of Amber's comments, even nice ones ... Media company specialising in skewering victims and broadcasting salacious exposés now demands a cone of silence 

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    Keeping in touch with Madge

    Solicitor sends letters to the magistrate hearing his case ... Other side not copied in ... Professional misconduct ... Coming close to an intentional breach of the rules ... Deliberate v reckless ... Matters of substance ... VCAT examines mental state of an experienced solicitor 

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    Will Alstergren

    Will Alstergren QC - the crowned head of the nation's briefs ... A Norwegian with milk in the refrigerator ... Who does the president of the Australian Bar Association fear and admire? ... On the Couch with a surfing barrister 

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    Besmirching the judges

    Trump whips-up furore against the judiciary ... Where does that leave Neil Gorsuch? ... Plenty of reasons this nominee should decline the invitation to join SCOTUS ... On the horns of a dilemma ... Pillsbury Flom comments 

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    Peter Dutton v Lord Atkin

    Claims that executive decisions are beyond review ... Immigrants at the hands of Trump and Dutton ... National security and strife ... Lord Atkin in a House of Lords decision 76 years ago showed the way ... A barrister explains 

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