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Tales of the South Pacific ... Enjoying a Slice of Samoa ... Fees burnt in Cauldron blaze ...  "Don't hesitate - litigate" ... More prosecutors take to the bench ... Read more ... 

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The journalistic career of Michael Bradley ... Busy managing partner pumps out the commentary in a prolific stream of articles ... While many journalists are desperate to get into law we find a lawyer who's bursting to write ... Read more ... 


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Veritas in trouble ... The Future of News - Journalism in a Post-Truth Era ... Big chinwag at Harvard with luminaries from the print and online worlds ... Truth now out-of-fashion ... Journos grapple with what's next ... No immediate solutions ... Hannah Ryan's Letter from Cambridge ... Read more ... 

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    "At the end of the day it has been stressful for he [sic] and his family. Of course it has. We recognise that. We appreciate a great deal the diligence he has put in under the circumstances and how he has driven the company to where it is at the moment."  

    Kerry Stokes, chairman of Seven West Media, supporting chief executive Tim Worner, at the half-year results where a 91 percent drop in profits was announced. February 15, 2017 ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Week@TheKnees ... February 21 to February 27 ... Brandis may have misled parliament on Bell scandal ... The Department of Bullies dooms asylum seekers' applications to failure ... Child sex offenders still receive financial assistance from the Catholic Church ... Ditch coal, Australia should export rule of law, says Warren CJ ... No culture problem at Seven West Media? ... Fair Work Commission finds not all burgers were created equal ... Compiled by Sohini Mehta ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Snake oil regulation ... Lawyer advertising … Self-regulation keeps the lean and hungry lawyers at bay and controls the snake oil salesmen … Ad hocery galore … Why should the industry trade unions decide what lawyers can spruik? ... Brydens (when winning is everything) takes on the regulators … Tulkinghorn goes to town ... From Justinian's archive, July 2010 ... Read more ... 




    Fresh blood

    Swearing-in of chief justice Susan Kiefel before a glittering throng ... Soapy Brandis at his self-basting best ... New AG for NSW ... End of the justice cluster ... A certain amount of blood gets spilled 

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    Murder, mayhem, corruption

    Week @ The Knees ... A weekly round-up of events in the law, January 21 to January 28, 2017 ... Reform the justice system ... Whistle blown at Origin Energy ... Fred Nile a security risk ... Bail reform in Victoria ... East Timor drops spying case ... Brandis firms for London 

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    Back to law school in the first week of Trump's America

    A bad thing has happened and studying law is full of angst ... What's happening to the Constitution and the rule of law? ... Dirty old Supreme Court decisions are new again ... Constitutional malleability ... An Australian at Harvard ... Hannah Ryan's letter from Cambridge 

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    Hitler and Trump

    It's not true to say that Donald Trump is a Nazi ... But he has followed the fascist playbook in a few key respects, including the "big lie" theory of propaganda ... He has created internal and external enemies who can be blamed for America's woes ... It could, and probably will, get worse ... Theodora comments 

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    Unreasonable suspicion

    Public servants exercising "reasonable suspicion" ... The might of the state can, at the drop of a Z-Grade clerk's pen, reduce a human being to a "thing" ... The extraordinary case of Livinus Okwume ... Procrustes laments the strangulation of personal liberty by executive decree 

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    HMAS Melbourne litigation settled

    End to long tussle over trust money held for victims of HMAS Melbourne-Voyager disaster ... Former solicitor for injured claimants coughs-up funds for the receivers ... Agrees not to reapply for admission ... Apologies and regrets 

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    President Trump and the criminal justice reform movement

    At the end of the Obama administration the era of mass incarceration looked as though it might be over ... Now for Trump, a "lock 'em up" sort of guy ... Incarcerating more people than necessary ... Stock price rally for private prison operators ... Hope for bipartisan coalition rests at the state level ... From Hannah Ryan in the US of A 

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    Trump's posse of plutocrats

    Trump's cabinet of business oligarchs ... Conflicts with the whiff of corruption ... Climate deniers and fossil fanatics firmly in control at the Department of Energy and the EPA ... State department becomes a branch of ExxonMobil ... From Our Man in Washington, Roger Fitch 

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    Report card on judicial performance

    The rule of law is a fine thing and we should be grateful to have it when so many demagogues are on the loose ... Highs and lows of the judicial year ... Remembering Lionel Murphy, Tim Carmody and others ... Awe inspiring dirty linen ... Wig chaos in Victoria ... "Butt" squeezer Clarence Thomas at it again 

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