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Taxing times ... Solicitor preferred paying lease fees for Merc and Beemer rather than paying his tax ... Duties of a director of an incorporated legal practice ... Cash flow problems ... Louise Hall reports ... Read more ... 

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The State of the Union ... The Age of Trump ... Fears mount for the mental health of the commander-in-chief ... Tweet rants ... Corporate hucksters float to the surface ... Pillaging the national estate ... Religious "freedoms" on the rise ... Election rorting rampant ... Roger Fitch on the front line ... Read more ... 

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Imperilled by the Barnababy ... What's an embarassing clown like Barnaby Joyce doing as deputy prime minister of Australia? ... This sort of regressive, oafish, politician is well past his use-by date ... Artemus Jones looks at the mess the government has made of the Joyce affair and Turnbull's limited options to save himself from more ruin ... Read more ... 

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    It's like asking people when they've had food poisoning from fish whether they'd eat fish again. They always say 'no'. But within a month or so you're sitting down having barramundi with them." 

    Deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce explaining why he thinks the story about his affair with a younger member of his staff and associated job preferment is a passing event that will fade from public attention. Fairfax Media, February 20, 2018 ... Read more ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

    Justinian Featurettes

    Concerning Champagne ... Champagne - a product as much driven by marketing and legend as by the content of the bottle ... Ten myths exploded in a new critique of the bubbly libation ... Justinian's wine man G.D. Wendler explains - just in time for Christmas ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Atanaskovic wins over-wrought billings battle ... Chang, Pistilli and Simmons – former partners of Antagonistic Heartless – go down in fight about their share of late recorded billings … Too much distrust, too little courtesy ... From our archive, March 12, 2010  ... Read more ... 



    Liberals caught in the wringer after washing the money

    Arfur (Daley) Sinodinos knows nuffin' ... Exculpatory evidence missing in action ... SharriLaw ... Liberals tried to wriggle off ICAC's hook, only to be caught by Keith Mason at the Electoral Commission ... Rorts of the Free Enterprise Foundation 

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    French CJ to bow out early

    No more cases for the CJ after the end of this year ... Appointing a successor ... Proroguing parliament for an unusual reason ... Government seeking to takeover senate agenda ... Everything perfectly normal, says Bookshelves Brandis  

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    Late for the list

    Six months in ... 40 years to go ... Junior Junior reviews her first tentative steps towards wigged glory ... Dress notes ... Prospects of starvation 

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    The piñata nominee

    Merrick Garland, the most conservative judicial candidate available to Obama ... With Scalia no longer on the US Supreme Court, big business rushes to settle class actions ... Republicans game the elections ... No photo ID, no vote ... Australia naïvely expects good things to come from US concocted trade deals ... Roger Fitch in Washington on the beat 

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    Petty sessions

    Barrister's defamation case becomes a car crash ... Range Rover scraped by barrister's garage door ... Email to neighbours complaining about barrister's behaviour ... Jury goes for the truth defence 

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    Difficulty with the word "could"

    Another expert queries the mysteries of the High Court in ICAC v Cunneen ... Legal historian Evan Whitton draws inspiration from Bob Trimbole ... Appeal courts akin to casinos 

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    The failure to rein in rapacity

    Legal profession regulation is a structural mess ... Former Queensland legal services commissioner, John Briton, says the professional associations should vacate the regulatory field ... Too much self-interest, not enough consumer protection ... Law firm cultural issues unaddressed ... Shameful billing practices 

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    Wild about Ian

    Ian Neil takes barrister websites to a whole new level of glamour ... BarNet takes over authorised Victorian reports ... Politicians and commentators warned off the judicial patch ... John Nicholson joins Inspector Dave ... Context and information missing from Inspector Dave's Cunneen report  

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    Duty barrister late on duty

    Claim of mental illness unsuccessful in setting aside disciplinary findings ... Barrister rents property to vulnerable client ... Conflicts of interest ... Late to court ... Mental illness does not mean conduct cannot be unsatisfactory ... Kate Lilly reports 

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