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The Minus wars ... Struggle by the Australian Bar Association to keep its name to itself ... Barrister's business used a similar name ... Attempt to make barristers' service more accessible ... Long and tiring litigation ... Read more ... 

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Keeping the government safe ... Collaery prosecution ... Whistleblowing conspiracy ... Fallout from Australia's Timor Leste bugging spree ... Woodside and Alexander Downer ... Selective prosecution policy ... Canberra's long, slow dance with duplicity ... Read more ... 



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Uber disruption ... Unfairness of the Fairness Fund ... Ombudsman reports on administration of the taxi compensation scheme ... Rank problems revealed ... Economic difficulties facing owners and drivers ... Peach Melba's blog  ... Read more ... 

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    "I would also encourage any member with an interest in this case to be conscious of the fact that the priority must be to allow judicial processes to be conducted without commentary which could impact on the fairness and regularity of those proceedings." 

    Attorney General Christian Porter trying to hold back the tsumani of commentary about his decision to allow the prosecution of lawyer Bernard Collaery and Witness K. June 28, 2018 ... Read more flatulence ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

    Justinian Featurettes

    Lorenzo Street's passing out parade ... Street the Stockman ... The shirt of flies ... Platypus Junction ... Street the charmer ... Friend of the press ... A legacy in law and love ... The sea and the bush ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Sydney lawyers and TINS ... Barry Lane tracks in exquisite detail the Kala Subramaniam case, which should have sounded a warning bell for The Mensch ... Alas ... From Justinian's archive, March 31, 2009 ... Read more ... 



    Supreme Court judge goes to court 

    The Map of Tasmania ... Justice Wood sues over super scheme complexity ... Looking for judges ... In a wink ... New ale honours the Ed. 

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    Trying to be civil

    More juries, please ... NSW barristers seek to shift control of personal injury trials away from judges ... Claims that civil trials with juries are cheaper and quicker ... More research needed ... Campaign underway with luminaries in support ... Turning back the clock ... For and against 

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    The bouncing Czech

    Melbourne solicitor admits to being in contempt of court for warning client's family to avoid process server ... However, not liable for "disparaging" the court ... Transfer of European properties in defiance of Yarraside court orders ... Scandalisation ... Consideration of contumacious and contumelious conduct 

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    History of two legal systems - timeline

    Evan Whitton's unique history of the law and its development ... Common law and European law ... Evolution of the inquisitorial and adversarial systems ... 2700 BC to the present day 

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    Where to now with the Cunneen intercepts?

    Parliamentary ICAC committee in a quandary about Cunneen tapes ... Lawyers called in ... Damien Tudehope's sorry history of covering-up 

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    Dave Cameron's big European deal

    British PM shuttles back and forth to Brussels and Paris ... Deal to keep Britain with one foot in Europe ... Do the Poms care that much - other than having access to cheap European holidays? ... Cabinet split on June 23 vote ... Police feeding the media with dirty old man cases ... Leverhulme's London Calling 

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    Out of bounds

    Our Julian and house rules at the Ecuadorian embassy ... The Tub goes to town ... Brandis' judicial appointments policy ... Cunneen rallies support for the old empire, with help from Planet Janet 

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    Scalia - the consequential contrarian

    Nino Scalia's departure sees much of the US Supreme Court's Republican agenda thrown into doubt ... Reagan's judicial appointment was too extreme for most of his colleagues ... Author of unthinkable decisions of gun ownership, campaign funding, and the right to vote ... Originalism and distorted views on capital punishment and women ... Roger Fitch in Washington assesses Scalia's legacy 

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    Patrick O'Sullivan

    The life and times of Patrick O'Sullivan QC ... On the Couch with the new president of the Australian Bar Association ... Issues confronting the ABA ... Where to from here? ... Adelaide or bust 

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