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The Tamil Times ... Readers taken on a wild trip with The Australian's legal affairs coverage ... Campaigns to sink ICAC and 18C go nowhere ... However, a journalist on a mission doesn't give up, despite the loss of limbs ... Read more ... 

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The persecution of Kate McCann ... The media has been at its salacious worst in the case of missing child Madeleine McCann ... Kate McCann given the Lindy Chamberlain treatment ... Tabloid and broadsheets alike questioned her authenticity ... "Yummy mummy and neurotic recluse" ... Bungling Portuguese police and judiciary ... Read more ... 


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The wrong right ... Student gloom ... The injustice of multiple choice exams ... Degrees of rightness ... The hard art of law ... Law school admission and PTSD ... Predicting the examiners thought processes ... Barely Legal picks the "wrong" right answer ... Read more ... 

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    "There have been no cuts to payments to Community Legal Centres by the Commonwealth Government." 

    Attorney General George Brandis in a speech to the Bar Association of Queensland, March 25, 2017. 

    "The government will commit an additional $55.7 million over the next three years for Community Legal Centres and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services." 

    Attorney General George Brandis announcing the refunding of the cuts that had never happened, April 24, 2017 ... Read more ... 

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    The post-Warren world - nominations and odds ... New CJ for the Vic Supremes ... Field set for the Warren Replacement Stakes ... Contenders nominated by Justinian's readers ... Curious odds being offered ... Names most frequently mentioned: Doyle, McLeod and Maxwell ... Read more ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Springing Pauline from the nick ... Electoral fraud ... Forget the dishonest intent, see how the lunge for contract law saved Pauline ... Qld Court of Appeal missed the golden opportunity to finish Pauline Hanson's One Nation for good ... Instead, unpersuasive reasoning saved her and saddled the country with more poisonous nonsense ... Thanks Daphnis ... From Justinian's archive ...  November 18, 2003 ... Read more ... 



    President Trump and the criminal justice reform movement

    At the end of the Obama administration the era of mass incarceration looked as though it might be over ... Now for Trump, a "lock 'em up" sort of guy ... Incarcerating more people than necessary ... Stock price rally for private prison operators ... Hope for bipartisan coalition rests at the state level ... From Hannah Ryan in the US of A 

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    Trump's posse of plutocrats

    Trump's cabinet of business oligarchs ... Conflicts with the whiff of corruption ... Climate deniers and fossil fanatics firmly in control at the Department of Energy and the EPA ... State department becomes a branch of ExxonMobil ... From Our Man in Washington, Roger Fitch 

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    Report card on judicial performance

    The rule of law is a fine thing and we should be grateful to have it when so many demagogues are on the loose ... Highs and lows of the judicial year ... Remembering Lionel Murphy, Tim Carmody and others ... Awe inspiring dirty linen ... Wig chaos in Victoria ... "Butt" squeezer Clarence Thomas at it again 

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    Year in review: triumphs and tribulations

    Holiday reading ... 2016 in many respects was a dispiriting year ... The cruel machinery of the criminal law caught up with a few notorious suspects ... Clumsy politics from the Commonwealth attorney general ... Even worse from the NSW government ... Sir John Kerr's tax dodge ... Synchronicity at the Federal Court ... Tasmanian fermentations ... Future for Brandis? ... Death at Runaway Bay 

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    How to win clients and lose friends

    Court told of "rogue" barrister plying for trade on the Gold Coast ... Local solicitors unhappy with online marketing claims ... Former client says he was poorly advised ... Barrister looking like a law firm ... Reference to Legal Services Commission ... Andrew Bell reports 

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    The natives are restless

    Tuvaluans protesting against their Australian chief justice ... Demonstrations and petitions seeking the removal of Charles Sweeney QC ... Judge rules on contentious political issue ... Locals inflamed ... Inspiration for supporters of Senator Culleton ... From our man in Tuvalu 

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    Stephen Walmsley

    Stephen Walmsley SC, former judge and author of The Trials of Justice Murphy is on Justinian's couch ... A vexed chapter in the High Court's history ... The man from Yass rakes through the historical ashes ... The Paul Flannery connection ... Issues with refrigeration 

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    Fledgling solicitor in too much hurry

    Lawyer makes "incomprehensible" claim of hours worked in a rush to get a full practising certificate ... Finding of professional misconduct upheld ... Solicitor swore he packed two years of supervised practice into seven months ... 17.5 hours a day ... Failed defamation case against Legal Services Commissioner ... Naaman Zhou reports 

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    The race towards religious intolerance

    Race abuse has captured the "imaginations" of free speech enthusiasts ... Religious abuse already off the leash ... It is the model for a post-18C world ... Justin Pen reports on the no-holds-barred world of religious discrimination 

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