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A post-institutional world ... The Law Institute of Victoria faces turmoil and losses ... Only 66 percent of practising solicitors are members ... The NSW solicitors club is booming with a 90 percent membership rate and a big fat balance sheet ... Read more ... 

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Bill-able hours - my-nute increments ... Overstepping the crease ... Criticism of judges and how they handle it ... Geoffrey Ma, CJ of HK Final Court of Appeals, plays a straight bat ... UTS moot court and swearing in public ... Indigenous incarceration ... Around the Grounds with Boilermaker Bill ... Read more ... 



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Uber disruption ... Unfairness of the Fairness Fund ... Ombudsman reports on administration of the taxi compensation scheme ... Rank problems revealed ... Economic difficulties facing owners and drivers ... Peach Melba's blog  ... Read more ... 

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    "Courts, judges and barristers following the rules of evidence excel at finding the facts and applying the law to individual cases. They are good at adjudicating the rights and wrongs of past behaviour according to the law of the land." 

    Janet Albrechtsen, columnist The Australian. June 6, 2018 ... Read more flatulence ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

    Justinian Featurettes

    Letter from London ... It hasn't been all beer and skittles as George Brandis settles in as the new High Commissioner to the UK ... An early missive from our man at Australia House ... Correspondence from lofty sources finds it's way to Justinian's in-tray ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Sydney lawyers and TINS ... Barry Lane tracks in exquisite detail the Kala Subramaniam case, which should have sounded a warning bell for The Mensch ... Alas ... From Justinian's archive, March 31, 2009 ... Read more ... 



    Hit the books 

    Law librarians and knowledge gurus being retrenched across the industry ... DPP libraries not exempt from disruption ... The Archbold v Blackstone's stoush in the UK over criminal law services used at crown courts ... Jade goes it alone ... Nick Bonyhady reports from the silence of his law library 

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    The taxman cometh

    Experienced Sydney tax lawyer loses out to the commissioner ... Transactions were too ambiguous to be loans ... Not enough detail to support the taxpayer's claim ... Nick Bonyhady reports from court-side  

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    The quest for perfect sentences

    Sentencing Guidelines Council for Victoria ... Community input on sentencing ... Judges have the numbers on the new council ... Peach Melba's blog 

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    Expunging the taint of Godwin

    Former Credit-Suisse boss gives The Australian access to emails which seek to put the Ozcar fee deal into context ... Apparently, the emails were confidential then, but not now ... When documents tabled in the senate are characterised as "leaks" ... Treasury submission ignored in exculpatory "analysis" 

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    A WIN-LOSE situation

    Vlad the Impaler is used to dealing with problem gamblers ... Brody Clarke's betting plunge ... $10 million of client's money goes to the horses, allegedly ... Who will make good the loss? ... Time to change channels 

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    End-to-end digital experience

    New innovation boss at fed courts ... ACT bar stamps its tiny foot ... Hot new entrant at Wardell ... Hilton can't shake Bucket's legacy ... NSW Judicial Commission expands its territory ... Goings On with Theodora 

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    The State of the Union

    The Age of Trump ... Fears mount for the mental health of the commander-in-chief ... Tweet rants ... Corporate hucksters float to the surface ... Pillaging the national estate ... Religious "freedoms" on the rise ... Election rorting rampant ... Our Man in Washington Roger Fitch on the front line  

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    Taxing times in Parramatta 

    Solicitor preferred paying lease fees for Merc and Beemer rather than paying his tax ... Claim that as director of an incorporated legal practice a lawyer does not have a personal obligation to pay the firm's tax bills ... Cash flow problems ... Louise Hall reports 

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    You're the tops ...

    Women atop the common law world (or at least the UK, Canada, NZ and Australian branches) ... Career paths via academia and law reform, except for Susan Kiefel, who had a harder row to hoe ... Procrustes riffles through the bios of the world's female CJs 

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