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Acid-green is the new black ... Lord Eldon adorned in shimmering robes ... Special occasion ... Loopholes in the dress code ... Splendid raiment comes out of the closet ... Queen Anne and Charles 11 mourned for too long ... Read more ... 

Justinian Columnists

SCOTUS rescues the gerrymander ... US Supreme Court washes its hands of election rigging ... Trump lawlessness ... The president losing droves of court cases ... Financial irregularities ... Cosmetic inquiries ... Persecution of migrant children ... Our man in Washington ... Read more ... 



Justinian's Bloggers

Panda claws solicitor ... Panda politics at USyd's Student Representative Council ... Student politicians terminate the SRC's long-standing lawyer ... Allegations back and forth on Facebook ... Lawyer refuses to act for SRC president in defamation case ... Read more ... 

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    "[AFP officers who entered the home of journalist Annika Smethurst] behaved appropriately and in accordance with their responsibilities and legal obligations." 

    Talking points for federal police officers prepared well before the the raid on the journalist was carried out. The Sydney Morning Herald, July 6, 2019 ... Read more flatulence ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

    Justinian Featurettes

    Reds in the bed ... Unreal events rendered lifeless in Red Joan ... The chutney-making housewife who passed on atomic research secrets to the Soviet Union ... A nice job at the Non-Ferrous Metals Research Association ... Miss Lumière is deeply unmoved with this version ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Estcourt on Web 2 ... Stephen Estcourt QC, as he then was ... The foodie, blogger and social media fiend explained in July 2010 how Web 2 expanded his life and work … Now, as a judge of the Supreme Court of Tasmania, it seems he has extricated himself from all this social media cross-fertilisation ... The price of judicial appointment ... Read more ... 




    AAT selections with Liberal gold star ratings

    Appointments to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal ... System of preferment and patronage ... The Christian Porter's stack is the most audacious in living memory ... Merit missing in action ... Party hacks come home to roost ... Where's Tubby Callinan's report? ... Janek Drevikovsky goes through the list, name by name 

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    Sal sitting on the sorry stool

    Senior judges concerned over suggestion that Judge Vasta of the Circuit Court would be promoted to sit in the Family Court ... Concerns may have prompted early circulation of appeal judgments all highly critical of Vasta's judgments ... To cap it off, Sal is now a defendant in a Queensland defamation case 

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    Wrestling with the rudeness rule

    The long-running rude letters case ... Calling another solicitor "fundamentally dishonest" ... Is this a breach of professional standards? ... Has the exquisite finery of the legal profession been sullied? ... Judges are having trouble making up their minds ... Is the rule against rudeness a threat to free speech? ... Everyone hoped Yarraside appeals had the last word ... Now a special leave application looms ... Janek Drevikovsky follows the long and winding trail 

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    Too much mush

    James Baldwin doused in a layer of syrup ... US justice ... Where's Atticus Finch when you need him? ... Black lives, white injustice ... Love, politics and melodrama ... Miss Lumière reviews If Beale Street Could Talk  

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    Salutary lesson

    UPDATE ... Porter wants Vasta for the Family Court ... Standby as more critical judgments about Sal are in the appeal pipeline ... Two-Wigs' special envoy for case management has trouble managing his own cases ... Not only Stradford & Stradford, now there's Navarro & Navarro ... The terrible legacy of Soapy Brandis 

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    Strange sightings

    Ghostly apparition of shuffled off chief justice ... Federal Court vacancy in Perth ... NT's family friendly ICAC ... "The troubles" are over for former Clutz warrior ... Election deadline for appointments ... Lawyer sacked over boozy partner allegations ... Theodora reports 

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    Another dismissal

    Full Federal Court ... Maddening majority thinking in the Palace Letters appeal ... Kerr's billet-doux to the Queen about sacking the Whitlam government ... Correspondence deemed to be "private" and none of your business ... Archives Act ... Procrustes deconstructs the Full Fed's flaws 

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    Brexit: law & disorder

    Lawyers are eating their Brexit ... How three UK based global firms are dealing with clients' Brexit phobia ... England quakes while lawyers open the picnic basket ... Too much marketing ... Too little light ... Janek Drevikovsky files from Kathmandu 

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    Green Book: not all black and white

    Green Book, reviewed by Miss Lumière ... America in the 1960s ... The white working class tough guy on a tour of the South with a refined black musician ... What could go wrong? ... Food for thought ... "Motorist's guide for negroes" 

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