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A post-institutional world ... The Law Institute of Victoria faces turmoil and losses ... Only 66 percent of practising solicitors are members ... The NSW solicitors club is booming with a 90 percent membership rate and a big fat balance sheet ... Read more ... 

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Bill-able hours - my-nute increments ... Overstepping the crease ... Criticism of judges and how they handle it ... Geoffrey Ma, CJ of HK Final Court of Appeals, plays a straight bat ... UTS moot court and swearing in public ... Indigenous incarceration ... Around the Grounds with Boilermaker Bill ... Read more ... 



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The wide and deep "missing middle" ... Funding models and costs for legal services ... A voice from deep within Victoria Legal Aid ... Bare-boned applicants for legal aid ... Federal funding the lowest for 20 years ... Peach Melba on the barricades ... Read more ... 

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    "Courts, judges and barristers following the rules of evidence excel at finding the facts and applying the law to individual cases. They are good at adjudicating the rights and wrongs of past behaviour according to the law of the land." 

    Janet Albrechtsen, columnist The Australian. June 6, 2018 ... Read more flatulence ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

    Justinian Featurettes

    Letter from London ... It hasn't been all beer and skittles as George Brandis settles in as the new High Commissioner to the UK ... An early missive from our man at Australia House ... Correspondence from lofty sources finds it's way to Justinian's in-tray ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Sydney lawyers and TINS ... Barry Lane tracks in exquisite detail the Kala Subramaniam case, which should have sounded a warning bell for The Mensch ... Alas ... From Justinian's archive, March 31, 2009 ... Read more ... 



    Trials and tribulations

    Waterstreet dips in and out ... NSW's land titles registry on the block ... Law & Justice Foundation being starved to death ... Another trial for David Eastman

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    Bar shtum on leaks

    Geoffrey Watson SC hung out to dry ... Inside information about NSW bar's disciplinary process leaked to the press ... Counsel assisting chewed-up in ongoing News Corp war against ICAC 

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    Sleep overs

    Scerri stuff ... Yarraside Supremo rebukes lawyers in over-egged intestacy case ... Costs outrun the issues ... Barrister contradicts himself ... Lawyers sent to the Bureau de Spank ... Seb Tonkin courtside  

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    Crowning moments

    Crown Law in Bananaland cannot act in industrial dispute against two of its employees ... Acting as a self-represented litigant against its own staff ... Everything happy at Crown Law ... Lack of systems to handle conflict ... Seb Tonkin reports 

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    Labor lawyers now working for the banks

    What if Slater & Gordon had not floated ... The downside of going public ... Restructuring already underway ... Litigation defendants seizing on S&G's vulnerability 

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    Never say die

    After 30 years of litigation Wentworth v Rogers lives on ... Another round in the country's longest running courtroom drama ... Costs awarded to Katherine Wentworth for 1985 damages action against her former husband 

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    Trauma on the Torrens

    South Australia - appointing auxiliary judges was the chief justice's idea ... Judicial appointments on the cheap ... Bar n' Grill up in arms ... AG looking to merge trial divisions of the Supreme and District courts ... Money, money, money 

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    Second-hand hearsay

    Stories from the depths ... Café life for Junior Junior as she soaks up the tittle-tattle and innuendo ... Channelling F.E. Smith, Birkett and Marshall Hall ... The story must be true if told by another barrister 

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    It's bananas in Brisneyland

    Death rattle of the Carmody story ... Secretly recorded CJ rant back in the news as Sgt Plod called in to investigate senior judge administrator ... No need for Justice Byrne to pack his toothbrush 

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