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Justinian's news stories

Judicial speedster ... Full Federal Court bounces another decision from Sandy Street in the Federal Circuit Court ... Conduct of the hearing "fell short of what was desirable" ... Inadequate reasons in another review heard by Street required the full court to rehear the application ... Read more ... 

Justinian Columnists

Two Aunties ... The long history of ABC dramas and threats to the public broadcaster's independence ... Churchill led the way with attacks on the Beeb ... Litigation that reinforced independence ... The buffeting will never stop ... Procrustes tunes in ... Read more ... 



Justinian's Bloggers

When only the victim speaks the truth ... Book review ... A story of childhood sexual assault ... Where the complainant is distressed that the accused's evidence questioned her version of events ... Joanna Jenkins defends natural justice in the face of a victim's anger ... Sentencing juvenile offenders ... Read more ... 

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    "It appears that, of the very large number of motions on which my office's views are routinely sought, this one was not escalated to me because it was interpreted in my office as a motion opposing racism. The associations of the language were not picked up. Had it been raised directly with me those issues would have been identified."  

    Attorney General Christian Porter after tweeting that the Senate motion, "It's OK to be white", confirms that the "government deplores racism". October 16, 2018 ... Read more flatulence ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

    Justinian Featurettes

    The Chaser's Julian Morrow gets serious on Justinian's Couch ... An escapee from the law who came into our lives as a comedian and satirist ... The joys of employment law could not hold him ... Now the master of ceremonies at Continuing Professional Development Under the Influence ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Capital offences ... Fabulous Phil Ruddock works his magic on the family law amendments ... The next Lord Haw Haw is probably lurking in the ranks of the press gallery ... Bunter Downer lays the ground for a few more executions of Australians by our friendly neighbours ... Polly Peck reports ... From Justinian's archive, December 12, 2005 ... Read more ... 



    The Prothonotary pounces

    Former politician struck off after applying for a ticket ... Plundering the funds of the Health Services Union to pay for hookers and campaign expenses ... Prolonged dishonesty for personal gain ... Character remains unreformed ... Nick Bonyhady reports 

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    Penfold's Reserve Bin

    Drowsy procrastination in full swing ... Lakeside litigation ... Family court effusions ... No sizzling sausages for family judges ... Carmody the Coalition's dream sentencer ... Longer terms for stale judges ... Goings On with Theodora 

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    Tales from Taswegia

    UPDATE ... Dutton's Tasmanian love child ... Slow wind-up ... Sentencing squabble: judges are sitting too close for the comfort of the convicted ... The forgotten prisoner ... The Devil's latest musings from The Map 

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    An illegitimate SCOTUS

    The US Supreme Court has been bought ... Long campaign to stack the court with judges favourable to corporate interests ... Huge lobbying and spending to secure Kavanaugh's confirmation ... Guns, God and presidential power ... The mid-terms and intensified voter purging ... From Our Man in Washington, Roger Fitch 

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    Terrifying news - nothing's happening

    Police and their terrorism powers - not much to report ... Inspector Bruce looks at the Top End's secret corruption ... Discriminating amendments ... The bench gets slow backup for "historic" sentencing reforms ... Standoff over appointment to the Children's Court ... Polly Peck reports from Macquarie Street 

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    Man of property bids adieu to the jam roll

    Failure to pay tax, and employees super ... Borrowing heavily from his mother ... Lacking evidence to support bi-polar claim ... Extravagant lifestyle ... Generous payments for children and former wife ... Jennifer Cooke reports 

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    Two Aunties

    The long history of ABC dramas and threats to the public broadcaster's independence ... Churchill led the way with attacks on the Beeb ... Litigation that reinforced independence ... The buffeting will never stop ... Procrustes tunes in 

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    A tribute to Homer Simpson

    Homer mysteriously appears in consent orders ... A long way from Springfield ... Country solicitor turns on client with complaint to judge, asking for a reconsideration of the orders granted ... Client's interest ... Confidentiality ... Nick Bonyhady reports 

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    Depression dispatches

    Solicitors losing their grip ... Mental health and legal practice ... No adequate explanations offered to the stipes ... Judges under siege ... Where mental health prevents a lawyer dealing with professional complaints ... Ticket suspended ... Jennifer Cooke reports from the Bureau de Spank 

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