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Tales of the South Pacific ... Enjoying a Slice of Samoa ... Fees burnt in Cauldron blaze ...  "Don't hesitate - litigate" ... More prosecutors take to the bench ... Read more ... 

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The journalistic career of Michael Bradley ... Busy managing partner pumps out the commentary in a prolific stream of articles ... While many journalists are desperate to get into law we find a lawyer who's bursting to write ... Read more ... 


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Veritas in trouble ... The Future of News - Journalism in a Post-Truth Era ... Big chinwag at Harvard with luminaries from the print and online worlds ... Truth now out-of-fashion ... Journos grapple with what's next ... No immediate solutions ... Hannah Ryan's Letter from Cambridge ... Read more ... 

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    "At the end of the day it has been stressful for he [sic] and his family. Of course it has. We recognise that. We appreciate a great deal the diligence he has put in under the circumstances and how he has driven the company to where it is at the moment."  

    Kerry Stokes, chairman of Seven West Media, supporting chief executive Tim Worner, at the half-year results where a 91 percent drop in profits was announced. February 15, 2017 ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … 

    Justinian Featurettes

    Week@TheKnees ... February 21 to February 27 ... Brandis may have misled parliament on Bell scandal ... The Department of Bullies dooms asylum seekers' applications to failure ... Child sex offenders still receive financial assistance from the Catholic Church ... Ditch coal, Australia should export rule of law, says Warren CJ ... No culture problem at Seven West Media? ... Fair Work Commission finds not all burgers were created equal ... Compiled by Sohini Mehta ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Snake oil regulation ... Lawyer advertising … Self-regulation keeps the lean and hungry lawyers at bay and controls the snake oil salesmen … Ad hocery galore … Why should the industry trade unions decide what lawyers can spruik? ... Brydens (when winning is everything) takes on the regulators … Tulkinghorn goes to town ... From Justinian's archive, July 2010 ... Read more ... 




    Year in review: triumphs and tribulations

    Holiday reading ... 2016 in many respects was a dispiriting year ... The cruel machinery of the criminal law caught up with a few notorious suspects ... Clumsy politics from the Commonwealth attorney general ... Even worse from the NSW government ... Sir John Kerr's tax dodge ... Synchronicity at the Federal Court ... Tasmanian fermentations ... Future for Brandis? ... Death at Runaway Bay 

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    How to win clients and lose friends

    Court told of "rogue" barrister plying for trade on the Gold Coast ... Local solicitors unhappy with online marketing claims ... Former client says he was poorly advised ... Barrister looking like a law firm ... Reference to Legal Services Commission ... Andrew Bell reports 

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    The natives are restless

    Tuvaluans protesting against their Australian chief justice ... Demonstrations and petitions seeking the removal of Charles Sweeney QC ... Judge rules on contentious political issue ... Locals inflamed ... Inspiration for supporters of Senator Culleton ... From our man in Tuvalu 

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    Stephen Walmsley

    Stephen Walmsley SC, former judge and author of The Trials of Justice Murphy is on Justinian's couch ... A vexed chapter in the High Court's history ... The man from Yass rakes through the historical ashes ... The Paul Flannery connection ... Issues with refrigeration 

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    Fledgling solicitor in too much hurry

    Lawyer makes "incomprehensible" claim of hours worked in a rush to get a full practising certificate ... Finding of professional misconduct upheld ... Solicitor swore he packed two years of supervised practice into seven months ... 17.5 hours a day ... Failed defamation case against Legal Services Commissioner ... Naaman Zhou reports 

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    The race towards religious intolerance

    Race abuse has captured the "imaginations" of free speech enthusiasts ... Religious abuse already off the leash ... It is the model for a post-18C world ... Justin Pen reports on the no-holds-barred world of religious discrimination 

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    Christmas presents from George

    Santa George Brandis has been liberally handing out pre-Xmas judicial and tribunal jobs ... The solicitor general vacancy also filled ... Dr Stephen O'Donaghue, the quiet man of the moment ... Party hacks to the AAT 

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    It's a prerogative

    London Calling with Lord Leverhulme ... The Brexit show at the Supreme Court ... The judges, the briefs, the Eton drawl, the reptiles, the philanthropist ... "Wot's going on?" asks the man on the Clapham Omnibus 

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    Half-mast for Fidel

    Tassie law shop pays its respects to departed Castro ... Federal Court upheaval ... Melbourne law dinner boycott ... Inspector Dave accused of conflicts ... Brandis' denials become inoperative 

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