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Backend "culture" guru takes on federal courts ... Generous terms offered to new federal courts personal manager ... Stephen Gageler brings to life the turmoil at the High Court 112 years ago ... Bar presidents go, bar presidents come ... Read more ... 

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Trevesties of justice ... Justice Denied by Bill Hosking QC and John Suter ... Reviewed by Tom Kelly ... True stories from the courts of the 1970s and 1980s ... Police verbals ... Complacent judges ... A rich cast of characters ... Read more ... 


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An informal gathering ... What to wear? ... How to eat? ... Barely Legal is invited to schmooze at Big Law ... Socially worthy initiative turns into recruitment drive ... Finding safe ground in a real property lecture ... Read more ... 

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    "When you look at some of the judgments that are made, the sentences that are handed down it's always interesting to go back and look at the appointment of the particular Labor government of the day. Anyway, it's a frustration we live with." 

    Immigration minister Peter Dutton taking "particular aim", without supplying any evidence, at Justice Duncan Kerr, outgoing president of the Administrative Appeeal Tribunal. Radio 2GB, May 16, 2017 ... Read more ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Pauline Wright ... Ms Wright ... A busy bee, if ever there was one ... Pauline Wright, actor, swimmer, lifesaver, campaigner, playwright, passionate devotee to good causes ... And president of the Law Society of NSW ... Meet the person behind the whirlwind ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Defamation and other misadventures ... So sexy, said the actress of the Chief Justice ... Daphnis dunks women in hot water ... Another (male) judge frocks-up ... Inside Madge's mouth ... Stephen Archer defamed ... David Levine strangles more English ... Justice Dean Mildren "the idiot" ... From Justinian's archive, April 22, 2004 ... Read more ... 



    Hydra-headed practitioner applications

    Federal copper who stalked his former girlfriend meets himself coming around corners ... Various irreconcilable explanations in his applications for admission as a legal practitioner ... ACT one day, Queensland the next ... The naked photo ... Catherine Holmes CJ gets to the bottom of it, as explained by Sohini Mehta 

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    Bill Hosking

    Public defender, judge and author Bill Hosking QC is on the couch, clutching his new book Justice Denied ... Crime and injustice is the theme ... Heroic trials recalled and brought back to life ... Some bad cops have their moment in the spotlight  

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    Bell that cat

    The Bell Group wrecking ball continues on its awful path ... Business and political careers demolished ... The perils of crony-capitalism ... Procrustes reconstructs the awful history of Bell, Bond, WA Inc and the whole tacky charade 

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    That's all Faulks

    Three recent family law cases explore the nebulous area of solicitor-client relationships ...  Termination of retainer in protracted litigation ... Solicitors required to hand over hundreds of boxes to new lawyers ... Lien over the fruits of the litigation ... Breach of trust in distribution of house sale proceeds ... Solicitor whacked with indemnity costs ...  The secretary who moved firms, but without the client's confidential information ... Sohini Mehta reports 

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    Natural selection 

    Judicial appointments ... Brandis misses his diversity moment ... The mystery of Federal Court elevations ... Amazing scenes in Adelaide 

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    Yarraside lad rolls out goodies for London lawyers

    Paralegal-law firm nudges aside solicitors ... Scottish government sued by former head of child sex abuse inquiry ... British barrister's Twitter tirades ... Offshore developments  

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    Adventures in billing

    Lawyers acting in their own cause and reaping the rewards in the process ...  Judges taking a dim view of lawyer inspired money-making litigation ...  Charging fees to yourself ... The Chorley exception on appeal ... Daniel Ahern examines some recent cases 

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    Tales of the South Pacific

    Enjoying a Slice of Samoa ... Fees burnt in Cauldron blaze ...  "Don't hesitate - litigate" ... More prosecutors take to the bench  

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    The journalistic career of Michael Bradley

    Busy managing partner pumps out the commentary in a prolific stream of articles ... While many journalists are desperate to get into law we find a lawyer who's bursting to write 

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