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Keeping in touch with Madge ... Solicitor sends letters to the magistrate hearing his case ... Other side not copied in ... Professional misconduct ... Deliberate v reckless ... VCAT examines mental state of an experienced solicitor ... Read more ... 

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Besmirching the judges ... Trump whips-up furore against the judiciary ... Where does that leave Neil Gorsuch? ... Plenty of reasons this nominee should decline the invitation to join SCOTUS ... On the horns of a dilemma ... Pillsbury Flom comments ... Read more ... 


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Veritas in trouble ... The Future of News - Journalism in a Post-Truth Era ... Big chinwag at Harvard with luminaries from the print and online worlds ... Truth now out-of-fashion ... Journos grapple with what's next ... No immediate solutions ... Hannah Ryan's Letter from Cambridge ... Read more ... 

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    "At the end of the day it has been stressful for he [sic] and his family. Of course it has. We recognise that. We appreciate a great deal the diligence he has put in under the circumstances and how he has driven the company to where it is at the moment."  

    Kerry Stokes, chairman of Seven West Media, supporting chief executive Tim Worner, at the half-year results where a 91 percent drop in profits was announced. February 15, 2017 ... READ MORE >>

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Will Alstergren QC - the crowned head of the nation's briefs ... A Norwegian with milk in the refrigerator ... Who does the president of the Australian Bar Association fear and admire? ... On the Couch with a surfing barrister ... Read more ... 

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    Snake oil regulation ... Lawyer advertising … Self-regulation keeps the lean and hungry lawyers at bay and controls the snake oil salesmen … Ad hocery galore … Why should the industry trade unions decide what lawyers can spruik? ... Brydens (when winning is everything) takes on the regulators … Tulkinghorn goes to town ... From Justinian's archive, July 2010 ... Read more ... 




    Bar work

    A new era as barristers stump-up the funds for litigation ... Traditional relationship with solicitors turned on its head ... Bleak times prompt changed behaviour ... Turf wars  

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    Brain softened Americana

    Draining the swamp, and filling it up again ... The dark characters who will occupy President Trump's cabinet of deplorables ... Conflicts galore ... Foxes guarding the henhouse ... Roger Fitch files from Washington on the state of the union 

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    The High Court of Queensland

    Quo vadis Soapy Brandis? ... Eleven names scratched by CJ from Queensland silks list ... Prosecutors dominate NSW Dizzo appointments ... Farewell to Equity Queen 

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    Belling Brandis

    Brandis in strife again ... Caught up in post-truth politics ... The solicitor general did the AG a favour ... Timeline that shows how Soapy weaved and wavered before protecting "the interests of the Commonwealth" ... New senate inquiry to probe pork-pies  

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    The Trials of Justice Murphy

    Launch of Stephen Walmsley's book The Trials of Justice Murphy ... Legal and political history ... Mixed crowd from the law, journalism and literature receive David Marr's speech in frosty silence ... Despite the jury verdict, the question remains, why did Lionel do it? ... Marr's launch speech, unexpurgated 

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    A conspiracy of the underbelly 

    ICAC's Megan Latham is in the pantheon of heroes who have been under fire from governments for doing their jobs too well and too independently ... She joins Justin Gleeson and Gillian Triggs in the heroes' mausoleum ... Responses from various sources to the Baird government's scuttling of ICAC's inquisitorial process ... And, while we're at it, where are the Cunneen tapes? 

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    Struck-off, struck-on

    Guns and child porn see SA criminal lawyer banished ... Litany of professional breaches ... Plus, solicitor who didn't pass on barrister's fees struck off the jam roll by tribunal ... The Court of Appeal smiled kindly and put him back on ... Naaman Zhou reports 

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    What a relief

    Garbo held on for an hour-and-a-half before doing wee-wee in a Melbourne laneway ... Council plod nabs bin-man while passing water ... Garbage contractor worried about reputation ... Is street-side relief grounds for dismissal? ... Fair Work Commission to the rescue ... Justin Pen unbuttons the story 

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    Long shadow of lawyer's corrupt conduct

    Massive amounts of character evidence failed to help Howard Hilton regain admission ... Previous corrupt conduct would blight the legal profession's glow of honesty ... Readmission refused 30 years after being struck-off ... Insufficient evidence as to a change in character ... Andrew Bell reports 

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