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Federal courts exodus ... Toot-toot ... Ferry man leaves the wharf ... All aboard with new staff ... Old timers walk the plank ... Industrial turmoil at the federal courts as new bosun comes on board ... Read more ... 

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Section 44 history lesson ... Procrustes at the blackboard ... Age-old stoushes over MPs eligibility ... Rights and privileges from a foreign power ... What about MPs receiving douceurs from foreign powers? ... Common law up against the power of Home Affairs ... Read more ... 


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Are you being served? ... Barely Legal's part-time job in retail ... The humiliation of a top law student having to wear a uniform and a name tag ... How to work on a Torts essay while serving customers ... The pleasure of being sacked ... Read more ... 

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    "... by statutory declaration you can now change your sex. So ... if you like to go into women's lavatories and rape women you can now say I'm a woman." 

    "Professor" David Flint describing the "slippery slope" should same sex marriage be legalised. 2GB, August 9, 2017 ... Read more ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Fast sleeper Julian Burnside is On The Couch ... His latest book is a must for all good shelves ... Watching Out: reflections on justice and injustice ... A book about a chimera ... Fresh confessions are unburdened ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Who killed Dr Kelly? ... Clarence Darrow and the vanishing art of advocacy … Doctors convinced David Kelly was murdered … Alex Mitchell files from what’s left of Fleet Street ... From Justinian's archive, July 20, 2009 ... Read more ... 


    From Alan Moir


    Mountain law

    Rich and colourful parade of judiciary in Mt Hagen ... Thousands of cases languish ... Remorseless giant LexisNexis swallows another case law analytics business ... Statelessness gets a handout ... Department of Immigration's unique interpretation of the Freedom of Information Act ... Lawyer's defamation appeal bites the dust 

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    Mrs May's well hung parliament

    London Calling ... British election analysis from Leverhulme, who knew the result as soon as the polls closed ... Wot's next for Mother Theresa? ... In bed with nutters from the DUP ... Will "Sir" Lynton hand back his Tory gong? ... Corbyn's campaign ... Brexit snafu ... A new election in autumn looks possible 

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    The story of a murderous charmer

    Leading politician's trial on a charge of conspiracy to murder ... The establishment cover-up ... The case that made George Carman QC - a barrister of destructive and volatile instincts ... Britain's most notorious summing-up by a trial judge ... Book review 

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    Positive masculinity

    St Paul's College headless ... College relents and signs-up for Sydney Uni "cultural review" ... Dozy council and warden drop the ball in the face of another brat-frat outrage 

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    Publish and perish

    The big law book publishers get a blast from author and editor Hugh Selby ... Overpriced products poorly marketed ... Impenetrable websites ... Connecting perfunctorily with authors and customers 

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    An offending system of youth justice

    The Northern Territory provides a broken justice system for Indigenous children ... Under-funded, under-skilled and a failure of political will ... Hannah Wootton looks at evidence given to the NT royal commission on youth detention 

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    Costly costs dispute

    Claim of fabricated documents in costs assessment ... Debts that are not true debts ... Cost determination affected by jurisdictional error ... Barrister's petition dismissed 

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    Culture, ideology, power and Gar

    News Corpse scribbler documents the horrors of "progressive ideology" ... Re Day [No2] undoes decades of Gar's nonsense ... Costume drama set in south Asia ... Ryckmans on how to be cosmopolitan ... Procrustes on the Rialto 

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    Yuf detainees get rights

    When a child detention centre is really an adult prison ... VicSupremes not tricked by government slight of hand ... A moment in the sun for the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities ... Screws with weapons ... Judicial review ... Peach Melba on the case 

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