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Sports news ... Rude barrister rapped on knuckles by appeal judges in tennis tripping case ... Kew Golf Club wanted Melbourne barristers off an tree accident case because they might have to give evidence ... Read more ... 

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A different swamp ... The creepy march of "religious freedom" ... Sidelining anti-discrimination laws in the name of God ... Winding-back environmental and employee protections ... The Supreme Court is back in town ... Trump stock-take from Our Man in Washington, Roger Fitch ... Read more ... 

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Leveraging the spawn ... Celebrities and registering the names of their offspring as trade marks ... Beyoncé wants her kiddies to have "personal brands"  ... Subeta Vimalarajah riffles through the trade marks register ... Read more ... 

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    "The NSW Supreme Court judge who presided over West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle's successful defamation case against Fairfax says she is 'troubled' by a statement issued by the publisher which suggested it did not get a fair trial.

    Justice Lucy McCallum said on Tuesday the statement appeared to be a clear criticism of the court and 'it's not why we have newspapers'." 

    News report in The Sydney Morning Herald. October 31, 2017 ... Read more ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Anonymous campaign against Barry Dangerous ... Restlessness among the senior prefects of the NSW Law Soc ... New junior vice sworn-in ... Councillors stirring against senior vice with strange memo in circulation ... Read more ... 

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    Roddy Meagher's retirement spray ... Meagher’s farewell speech emerges from a lengthy process of proof reading ... Cracks about "Twiggy" Spigelman and "Chilly" Gleeson ... The superior qualities of leading NSW barristers ... From Justinian's archive, March 18, 2004 ... Read more ... 



    Northern Ireland, Australia's socially nervous cousin

    Leverhulme catches-up with Belfast lawyer Ciaran Moynagh ... Fighting the fight for minorities in Northern Ireland ... On the front line of the struggle for marriage equality ... Echoes of Australia 

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    The Statue Wars - still life in action

    The Kirbster on body language and cultural norms ... Uncomprehending cultures ... Josh Frydenberg to the rescue ... Yagan's head and s.18C ... Procrustes on the ramparts 

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    Being 'un-Australian'

    Refugee Advice and Casework Service ... Setbacks, survival, evolution ... Legal work for refugees in a shifting policy environment ... Handling Peter Dutton's deadline ... Senior RACS lawyer Alison Ryan talks to Subeta Vimalarajah 

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    The costly business of unitemised billing

    PI law shop's repeated failure to produce itemised bills ... The fine print is too fine ... Over briefing senior counsel ... Strange ruling from Legal Services Commissioner on junior counsel's fees ... Madeline White follows the action 

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    Law Society of NSW ... Junior VP voted off the executive ... Desperate fight from marginal Catholic and evangelical lawyers to preserve marriage inequality ... Where to now with threats of an EGM and "legal action" against the law society? ... Civil and political rights in contention 

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    Up for grabs

    Crown appeals acquittal in sexual assault case ... Intoxication ... Consent ... NSW Court of Criminal Appeal ... Sophie Taylor courtside 

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    High Court walks down the aisle on postal appropriation

    The High Court hearings on the same-sex marriage postal survey ... The subjective state of Mathias Cormann's mind comes under the microscope ... Whether the advance to the finance minister was "urgent" and "unforeseen" ... School Chaplains' case ... Plaintiffs' and Commonwealth's arguments ... Curtain raiser from Scott Young 

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    Ms Wright versus The Zealots

    The councils of the Law Society and the NSW Bar are caught up in a backlash from a vocal fringe that wants them to abandon their support for same-sex marriage ... The usual suspects ... Where do these self-appointed guardians of virtue get off? 

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    Peter Dutton's autocracy

    The new minister for Home Affairs will have wide discretionary powers over peoples' lives ... Unfortunately, the job is being handed to a seriously unsuitable person ... Peta Leigh examines Peter Dutton's sweeping functions under the proposed ministerial arrangements 

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