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Not too flash ... Filibuster on Bell questions at senate estimates ... Judicial developments at The Map ... Tidball - there's a song in his heart ... Worthwhile cause of the week ... Read more ... 

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Multi-pronged admission applications ... Federal copper who stalked his former girlfriend meets himself coming around corners ... Various irreconcilable explanations in his applications for admission as a legal practitioner ... ACT one day, Queensland the next ... Read more ... 


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A pop star comes to campus ... Letter from Cambridge ... Rihanna does not sing ... Just a short talk to celebrate her award as Harvard's Humanitarian of the Year ... Rock star professors are pale in comparison ... Hannah Ryan reports, with a bad dose of hero worship ... Read more ... 

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    "I think political correctness has become a problem in Western societies, we've become far too apologetic about our Western identity and anything that's some kind of defence of cultural traditionalism or national identity is in many ways frowned on." 

    Former Prime Minister John Howard making the case on behalf of his inner bigot, speaking at a CEDA lunch, March 3, 2017 ... Read more ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Bill Hosking ... Public defender, judge and author Bill Hosking QC is on the couch, clutching his new book Justice Denied ... Crime and injustice is the theme ... Heroic trials recalled and brought back to life ... Some bad cops have their moment in the spotlight ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Forget Senior Counsel, let's try "Super Lawyer" ... New Jersey tried to stamp-out out "self-aggrandising" titles such as "Super Lawyer". Actually the "Super Lawyer" selection process was superior to those that are used here to appoint new Senior Counsell ... Read more ... 



    Fledgling solicitor in too much hurry

    Lawyer makes "incomprehensible" claim of hours worked in a rush to get a full practising certificate ... Finding of professional misconduct upheld ... Solicitor swore he packed two years of supervised practice into seven months ... 17.5 hours a day ... Failed defamation case against Legal Services Commissioner ... Naaman Zhou reports 

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    The race towards religious intolerance

    Race abuse has captured the "imaginations" of free speech enthusiasts ... Religious abuse already off the leash ... It is the model for a post-18C world ... Justin Pen reports on the no-holds-barred world of religious discrimination 

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    Christmas presents from George

    Santa George Brandis has been liberally handing out pre-Xmas judicial and tribunal jobs ... The solicitor general vacancy also filled ... Dr Stephen O'Donaghue, the quiet man of the moment ... Party hacks to the AAT 

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    It's a prerogative

    London Calling with Lord Leverhulme ... The Brexit show at the Supreme Court ... The judges, the briefs, the Eton drawl, the reptiles, the philanthropist ... "Wot's going on?" asks the man on the Clapham Omnibus 

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    Half-mast for Fidel

    Tassie law shop pays its respects to departed Castro ... Federal Court upheaval ... Melbourne law dinner boycott ... Inspector Dave accused of conflicts ... Brandis' denials become inoperative 

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    ICLR cuts out the middleman

    English Law Reports removed from LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters in Australia and NZ ... Daniel Hoadley from the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting explains why 

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    Bar work

    A new era as barristers stump-up the funds for litigation ... Traditional relationship with solicitors turned on its head ... Bleak times prompt changed behaviour ... Turf wars  

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    Brain softened Americana

    Draining the swamp, and filling it up again ... The dark characters who will occupy President Trump's cabinet of deplorables ... Conflicts galore ... Foxes guarding the henhouse ... Roger Fitch files from Washington on the state of the union 

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    The High Court of Queensland

    Quo vadis Soapy Brandis? ... Eleven names scratched by CJ from Queensland silks list ... Prosecutors dominate NSW Dizzo appointments ... Farewell to Equity Queen 

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