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Torpid languor ... Canberra's judgments of perfection ... Prize giving ... God help us ... Blood oath ... Witnessing stat decs 101 ... Read more ... 

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Culture, ideology, power and Gar ... News Corpse scribbler documents the horrors of "progressive ideology" ... Re Day [No2] undoes decades of Gar's nonsense ... Costume drama set in south Asia ... Ryckmans on how to be cosmopolitan ... Procrustes on the Rialto ... Read more ... 


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    "It is a total vistory for Julian Assange ... He is free to leave the embassy whenever he wants." 

    Per Samuelsson, lawyer for Julian Assange, following the dropping of a rape investigation by Swedish prosecutors. The Financial Times, May 21, 1017 ... Read more ... 

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    Pauline Wright ... Ms Wright ... A busy bee, if ever there was one ... Pauline Wright, actor, swimmer, lifesaver, campaigner, playwright, passionate devotee to good causes ... And president of the Law Society of NSW ... Meet the person behind the whirlwind ... Read more ... 


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