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Six of the best ... Supreme Court of NSW birches Law Society for bringing a misconceived misconduct allegation against a lawyer ... Jurisdictional error ... Undue delay ... Read more ... 

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Watery grave ... Culture wars and water ... Darling, what has happened to Murray? ... Paucity of H2O ... Barnaby backs the cotton plantations over the fish ... Water theft is a traditional bush lark ... Read more ... 



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    "The thing about Cook is I think we need to rediscover him a bit because he gets a fair bit of a bad show from some of those who like to sort of talk down our history." 

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison announcing a replica of HMB Endeavour will "reenact" Lt Cook's voyage by circumnavigating Australia. The deputy leader of the National Party, Brigit McKenzie, was also up to speed with her history, saying January 26, 1788 was the date "Captain Cook stepped ashore". January 22, 2019  ... Read more flatulence ... 

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    Richard Beasley SC is On The Couch ... Novellist and silk ... Until now he was ankle deep in the Murray Darling Basin Royal Commission ... Last meal on death row ... Playing with a horse jigger ... Read more ... 



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