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Federal courts exodus ... Toot-toot ... Ferry man leaves the wharf ... All aboard with new staff ... Old timers walk the plank ... Industrial turmoil at the federal courts as new bosun comes on board ... Read more ... 

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Section 44 history lesson ... Procrustes at the blackboard ... Age-old stoushes over MPs eligibility ... Rights and privileges from a foreign power ... What about MPs receiving douceurs from foreign powers? ... Common law up against the power of Home Affairs ... Read more ... 


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    "... by statutory declaration you can now change your sex. So ... if you like to go into women's lavatories and rape women you can now say I'm a woman." 

    "Professor" David Flint describing the "slippery slope" should same sex marriage be legalised. 2GB, August 9, 2017 ... Read more ... 

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    Fast sleeper Julian Burnside is On The Couch ... His latest book is a must for all good shelves ... Watching Out: reflections on justice and injustice ... A book about a chimera ... Fresh confessions are unburdened ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Who killed Dr Kelly? ... Clarence Darrow and the vanishing art of advocacy … Doctors convinced David Kelly was murdered … Alex Mitchell files from what’s left of Fleet Street ... From Justinian's archive, July 20, 2009 ... Read more ... 


    Justinian's archive


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    Major moments in the Murphy case

    For a large chunk of the time Lionel Murphy was a High Court judge (February 1975 to October 1986) he was hanging out with magistrates and District Court judges ... Morgan Ryan case of pressing importance ... "Now what about my little mate?" ... From Justinian's Déjà Vu department ... March 1985  

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    The man who replaced Barwick

    It's early 1981 and the government has announced that Sir Harry Gibbs will replace Sir Garfield Barwick as chief justice of the High Court ... While Queenslanders might be familiar with Gibbs, few others knew much about him ... In March 1981 Justinian filled-in some of the gaps and made some fearless predictions ... From our Déjà Vu department  

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    Melbourne barristers off the hook

    It's 1981 and the NSW bar's ethics committee has dismissed suggestions from Athol Moffitt that two Melbourne barristers weren't plying their trade in accordance with the high standards of the Sydney bar ... Suggestions that the trial was protracted by irrelevancies and the use of extreme language - thrown out by the ethics inspectors ... Crushing blow for Court of Criminal Appeal ... From Justinian's Déjà Vu department 

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    Struggling with the modern world

    Roderick Pitt Meagher has taken over the leadership of the NSW bar at a crucial time in its history ... Here Justinian gets up close to the man at the helm ... "Idiots" at the Law Reform Commission trying to meddle in bar's affairs ... Finding it hard to escape the Dark Ages ... Meagher's first ever interview ... Justinian, February 1980 

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    Vintage Lionel Murphy

    On June 29, 1979 Justice Lionel Murphy delivered a rip-roaring speech in Adelaide to the first national conference of Labor lawyers ... Murphy at that time had been on the High Court for four years and was its fifth most senior judge ... Here he made his most revealing public statement since leaving politics ... The role of judges ... Tax avoidance and the courts ... Doctrine of precedent ... The need for judges to change the common law boldly 

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