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News from the Street of Shame ... Fat fees per day for Sydney silkies ... Tom Bathurst's looming departure ... Ka-ching - the governor's property clean-up ... High Court suppression tussle ... Theodora reports ... Read more ... 

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Boris in the bullrushes ... How Boris Johnson peddled falsehoods all the way to Number 10 ... Perverse denunciation of European Court of Justice ruling about third-party insurance for off-road vehicles ... Beats-ups from Telegraph columnist that appeal to little Englanders ... Procrustes on the case ... Read more ... 



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    "It would make it very hard to govern."  

    The attitude of senior Labor leaders before the May 18 election in resisting the push for a National Integrity Commission. Penny Wong, Anthony Albenese and Tony Burke were all opposed to a federal ICAC. The Sydney Morning Herald, August 2, 2019 ... Read more flatulence ... 

    Justinian Featurettes

    David Hunt remembered ... Former NSW defamation judge and chief judge at common law ...The List with Socratic case management ... Defamation exotica ... Refinement of pleadings, perhaps over-refinement ... Prodigious worker ... International criminal law ... Tributes from Graham Hryce, David Rolph, Justice Mark Ierace and Judge Judith Gibson ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    Estcourt on Web 2 ... Stephen Estcourt QC, as he then was ... The foodie, blogger and social media fiend explained in July 2010 how Web 2 expanded his life and work … Now, as a judge of the Supreme Court of Tasmania, it seems he has extricated himself from all this social media cross-fertilisation ... The price of judicial appointment ... Read more ... 



    Justinian's archive

    Entries in Michael Kirby (9)


    Shake, rattle and roll 

    Rose Bay real estate ... Brilliant suggestions for the High Court ... ICAC's special memories ... WCC appointment ... Knock About's liberal sprinkling of Gemmellisms

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    Guilty and/or Not Guilty

    Updated on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 by Registered CommenterJustinian

    Cracked trials ... Last minute change of plea from guilty to not guilty ... Consequences for the financial interests of lawyers ... Judges know about lawyers' financially driven shenanigans, but they keep shtum ... Tulkinghorn on how the system is mulcted 

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    Sex and death

    Shades of a torrid time in Townsville ... Media inquiries about Dyse ... Competition for Kirbs ... Slater & Gordon's referral fees ... How Queensland dropped out of the national profession reforms 

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    A lustrous place in the sun

    The "rule of law" drum is repeatedly beaten as a way of reinforcing the great importance of lawyers and judges ... Yet, if the going got tough would lawyers, at risk to themselves, really stand-up for the rule of law? ... Or would they look the other way if faced with tyranny? ... Tulkinghorn provides an answer  

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    The ambivalence of friendship

    Michael Kirby's monarchist mates rarely lent a hand to help him during the great crises of his life ... Tony Abbott was a royalist chum, but did nothing to stop Heffernan's onslaught ... The High Court was paralysed ... Gleeson and Gaurdon shouting match over whether to support Kirby ... Review of impressive new biography, Michael Kirby: Paradoxes and Principles

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    Tulk would hire Kirby at the Pearly Gates

    Michael Kirby swaps horses on our justice system ... When it operates, it operates very well ... How often might that be? ... Former High Court judge says there are not enough lawyers in politics ... Tulkinghorn thinks Kirby might have lost it

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    With great respect

    Warfare on the High Court ... McHugh and Kirbs go hammer and tongs on argument about "indefinite detention" for aliens ... Boys. Boys. That’s quite enough ... From Justinian's archive, September 15, 2004 ... Ouch 

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    Peasants and the monarchy

    David Flint's correspondence hacked ... Kirbs keeps his money to himself ... More media grumps to NSW Court of Appeal ... Federal Court judges go feral over ALJ assault ... Hulls tearing at the exquisite finery of the law ... High Court travel "splurge" ... From Justinian's archive, June 5, 2003 

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    Forty nine years ago ... 

    Move over Roddy Meagher, Michael Kirby is snapping at your heels ... From 1962 comes this attack in Honi Soit ... The brutality of student politicians ... From Justinian's bulging archive ... Déjà Vu

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