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An afterlife for political flops ... The AAT has been trashed and stacked with the flotsam of the Liberal Party ... Cronyism ... Peter Dutton's "Australian values" ... The defenestration of the administrative review functions of the Commonwealth ... Read more ... 

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Hale Spiderwoman ... 11 out of 11 ... UK Supremes on a null and void prorogation ... Judicial review of the prerogative power of the crown ... Principle of parliamentary sovereignty ... Her Maj the cypher ... Welcome back Sir Edward Coke ... Procrustes explains ... Read more ... 

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    "One of the reasons I'm enthusiastic about Boris Johnson's prime ministership is because if there was ever a cometh-the-hour, cometh-the-man moment in the recent history of this country, this is it and he is that person."    

    George Brandis, Australia's High Commissioner to the UK, speaking in Manchester at the Policy Exchange. October 2, 2019 ... Read more flatulence ... 

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    Drugs, money and death ... The brutality of the drug business in Columbia ... Birds of Passage ... America, the greedy satan ... Complex codes of honour ... Peace and war ... Miss Lumière reviews the spectacle ... Read more ... 

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    Is there something amusing, Mr Foreman? ... Defamatorium ... Outburst from barrister … Solicitor suing Financial Review ... Juror looked chastened after being directly addressed by counsel during summing-up … How to handle an outburst from the bar table... Let the transcript do the talking ... From Justinian's archive, March 2012 ... Read more ... 



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    A solicitor appears before a Yarraside judicial registrar ... Where's my stay? ... Waiver of court fees ... Appeal ... What's going on? ... It's so simple ... Give me a case ... Seeking to appeal against an order that is not a final order ... Costs order ... No arguable case .. Impecuniosity ... Abuse of process ... It's pretty simple, right? ... I'm sick of this ... Which part of a fee waiver don't you understand? ... The next case has been called

    McOrmond v Horsfield on Scribd

     From Helen Garden's 2004 book Joe Cinque's Consolation we discover the existence of a younger Jonathan Bowers-Taylor:

    "One young man who unwisely attempts to spar with counsel is Jonathan Bowers-Taylor, an ex-squeeze and former housemate of Anu Singh's, and the possessor of two bachelor's degrees. A few days after the murder, he tells the committal, Anu Singh called him from the remand centre and asked him to look up and bring out to her 'relevant High Court cases' and cases on insanity. Bowers-Taylor is a peevish witness, insolent and evasive. He has to be asked countless times to stop mumbling and speak up. He comes the bounce with Pappas, who looses thunderbolts upon him. On his way out of the court at a morning tea break, he calls Mr Adams, Rao's counsel, 'an imbecile'."  

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