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    "That seems to be the only thing that drives them. Getting hold of power, to wield it." 

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the Labor Party. March 4, 2019 ... Read more flatulence ... 

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    Coin from the Crown

    Justinian publishes the full list of barristers' fees paid by the NSW Crown Solicitor for civil work in the year to July 30

    Over the past 12 months or so the NSW Crown Solicitor spent $15.2 million on civil briefs to private barristers.

    A total of 246 NSW barristers were paid for civil work by the Crown Solicitor's Office between July 30, 2009 and July 30, 1010.

    Fifty received fees in excess of $100,000.

    The top five fee earners on the Crown Sol's beat in the period were:

    • John Maconachie QC ($549,942.52)
    • David Mallon ($457,490.00)
    • Igor Mescher ($352,247.37)
    • Gregory Moore ($317,777.84)
    • John Marshall SC ($298,476.75)

    The information was prepared by the NSW Crown Solicitor's office after Justinian applied to the Department of Justice & Attorney General under the Government Information (Public Access) Act.

    The full list of barristers and their fees is HERE

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