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Judicial speedster ... Full Federal Court bounces another decision from Sandy Street in the Federal Circuit Court ... Conduct of the hearing "fell short of what was desirable" ... Inadequate reasons in another review heard by Street required the full court to rehear the application ... Read more ... 

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Two Aunties ... The long history of ABC dramas and threats to the public broadcaster's independence ... Churchill led the way with attacks on the Beeb ... Litigation that reinforced independence ... The buffeting will never stop ... Procrustes tunes in ... Read more ... 



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When only the victim speaks the truth ... Book review ... A story of childhood sexual assault ... Where the complainant is distressed that the accused's evidence questioned her version of events ... Joanna Jenkins defends natural justice in the face of a victim's anger ... Sentencing juvenile offenders ... Read more ... 

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    "Chief Justice Pascoe brought invaluable knowledge and expertise to the family law system in Australia, particularly during his time as Chief Justice of the Family Court and Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit Court. He will leave an enduring legacy on Australia's family court system, as recognised by his appointment as a Companion of the Order of Australia in January 2016 for eminent service to the law and to the judiciary.

    Attorney General Christian Porter. September 27, 2018 ... Read more flatulence ... 

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    The Chaser's Julian Morrow gets serious on Justinian's Couch ... An escapee from the law who came into our lives as a comedian and satirist ... The joys of employment law could not hold him ... Now the master of ceremonies at Continuing Professional Development Under the Influence ... Read more ... 

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    Capital offences ... Fabulous Phil Ruddock works his magic on the family law amendments ... The next Lord Haw Haw is probably lurking in the ranks of the press gallery ... Bunter Downer lays the ground for a few more executions of Australians by our friendly neighbours ... Polly Peck reports ... From Justinian's archive, December 12, 2005 ... Read more ... 


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    Coin from the Crown

    Justinian publishes the full list of barristers' fees paid by the NSW Crown Solicitor for civil work in the year to July 30

    Over the past 12 months or so the NSW Crown Solicitor spent $15.2 million on civil briefs to private barristers.

    A total of 246 NSW barristers were paid for civil work by the Crown Solicitor's Office between July 30, 2009 and July 30, 1010.

    Fifty received fees in excess of $100,000.

    The top five fee earners on the Crown Sol's beat in the period were:

    • John Maconachie QC ($549,942.52)
    • David Mallon ($457,490.00)
    • Igor Mescher ($352,247.37)
    • Gregory Moore ($317,777.84)
    • John Marshall SC ($298,476.75)

    The information was prepared by the NSW Crown Solicitor's office after Justinian applied to the Department of Justice & Attorney General under the Government Information (Public Access) Act.

    The full list of barristers and their fees is HERE

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