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Federal courts exodus ... Toot-toot ... Ferry man leaves the wharf ... All aboard with new staff ... Old timers walk the plank ... Industrial turmoil at the federal courts as new bosun comes on board ... Read more ... 

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Section 44 history lesson ... Procrustes at the blackboard ... Age-old stoushes over MPs eligibility ... Rights and privileges from a foreign power ... What about MPs receiving douceurs from foreign powers? ... Common law up against the power of Home Affairs ... Read more ... 


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Are you being served? ... Barely Legal's part-time job in retail ... The humiliation of a top law student having to wear a uniform and a name tag ... How to work on a Torts essay while serving customers ... The pleasure of being sacked ... Read more ... 

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    "... by statutory declaration you can now change your sex. So ... if you like to go into women's lavatories and rape women you can now say I'm a woman." 

    "Professor" David Flint describing the "slippery slope" should same sex marriage be legalised. 2GB, August 9, 2017 ... Read more ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Fast sleeper Julian Burnside is On The Couch ... His latest book is a must for all good shelves ... Watching Out: reflections on justice and injustice ... A book about a chimera ... Fresh confessions are unburdened ... Read more ... 

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    Who killed Dr Kelly? ... Clarence Darrow and the vanishing art of advocacy … Doctors convinced David Kelly was murdered … Alex Mitchell files from what’s left of Fleet Street ... From Justinian's archive, July 20, 2009 ... Read more ... 



    More serious disquiet

    Federal Court's Geoffrey Flick concerned about some of Judge Sandy Street's refugee decisions in the Federal Circuit Court  ... Judge refused extensions of time for applicants, even where the minister consented ...Flick flicks the cases to another judge ... Start again ... Kate Lilly reports 

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    Nothing unnatural going on here

    Public hearing into the conduct of Judge Garry Neilson wraps-up ... Conduct Division of the Judicial Commission now weighing the various "punishments" ... Reeducation camp, no more sex cases,  private spanking with a wet lettuce leaf ... Emily Meller reports 

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    Judge caught in society's taboos

    NSW Judicial Commission examines conduct of District Court judge Garry Neilson ... "Mortified" that his words have been unhappily interpreted ... Putting homosexuality in the same category as incest ... The eugenics approach to criminal law ... Emily Meller reporting courtside 

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    Wonders of the law

    Case note roundup ... English High Court judge goes overboard about his missing luggage ... British Airways in the frame ... No amount of money too small for a contest of great minds ... Immunity of judges and court officers trumps free speech ... Ginger Snatch reporting  

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    Southwood Ho

    The Stella Maris fallout continues ... NT Supremo says there's no apprehended bias in his hearing a costs case where his wife has been privy to details of the defendant's evidence and strategy ... Judge insists his wife is detached ... Lay observer would not think a married couple would talk about matters in dereliction of their obligations 

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    Clutz required to do the splits

    Split trial for Dale v Clayton Utz ... Former partner suing firm for breach of contract ... Yarraside Appeals says Chris Dale has privilege against self-incrimination ... Kate Lilly on the case 

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    The bold and the bashful

    Unveiling Unrobed ... New baby barrister blogs for Justinian ... Fresh faced shockers ... Diamond sugar daddy on the prowl 

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    Court fees and the diversity impact

    Wimmin enraged by prominent men ... UK government wants to crank another £48 million out of court fees ... British Labor Party reverts to old ways ... Leverhulme's London Calling 

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    Those hazy, crazy days at law school

    Bronwyn Bishop - law student ... Conflicting explanations for academic lapses ... Unfortunate details about failed subjects from David Leser's biography,  A Woman in Pursuit of Power 

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