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Slaters sliced ... Pulling up the anchor at Slater & Gordon ... Where are the silken crime briefs? ... Bulletin from The Map ... Language of the law ... Human right to use the court's bathroom ... Theodora reports ... Read more ... 

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Hypocrite alert ... Young Christian sacked by employer because she was a NO voter ... SSM ... Andrew Bolt, never the sharpest tool in the shed, makes a mess of his free speech credentials ... Subeta Vimalarajah on inconsistent anti-discrimination laws ... Read more ... 

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Fresh miseries from Dutton ... New Migration Act amendments ... Strip searching detainees in immigration detention ... Prohibited "things" ... Use of dogs to search detainees ... Peach Melba files ... Read more ... 

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    "[Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests] volunteered that they felt at peace with themselves after being listened to by Peter O'Callaghan. As Commissioner, Peter achieved a unique thing – in [Václav] Havel's words he helped countless people 'orient their spirit' and gave them the certainty that their lives made sense Peter gave them hope just as it is described by Havel."

    Former High Court judge Susan Crennan at the unveiling of the portrait of Melbourne barrister Peter O'Callagan QC who ran Archbishop Pell's Melbourne Response to sexual abuse by priests. The Royal Commission reported that he failed to report criminal offences to the police. September 26, 2017 ... Read more ... 

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    Anonymous campaign against Barry Dangerous ... Restlessness among the senior prefects of the NSW Law Soc ... New junior vice sworn-in ... Councillors stirring against senior vice with strange memo in circulation ... Read more ... 

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    Whitelocke on Lawmanship ... Beguiling pastiche of barristerial posturing ... The importance of looking the part ... The Velvet Salamander transforms into the Silver Canetoad ... James Hutton reviews Bullstrode Whitelocke’s essential text for advocates ... From Justinian's archive, July 13, 2010 ... Read more ... 



    Copy cat

    Full feds on the case ... Refugee tribunal member substantially copied previous reasons of another member, which rejected application by a Tamil asylum seeker ... Failure by RRT member to apply independent considerations ... Go back, start again 

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    Sandy Street overturned in pooch discrimination case

    Virgin Australia should have allowed "Willow" to fly ... Numerous appellable errors in disability discrimination case ... Full Feds to the rescue ... Primary judge should have paused for "reflection" ... Kate Lilly reports 

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    Weasels on the march 

    Law faculty study guides are infested with weasel words and incomprehensible babble ... Law lecturers should fight back ... According to blogger Barely Legal, the law is being attacked by rotten language 

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    Uglier by the day

    UPDATE ... Increasingly rancid accusations in NSW bar election ... Utterly extraordinary campaign ... Inaccurate claims ... Latest muck from Phillip Street 

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    Idiosyncratic issues

    UPDATE ... NSW bar election bumf flies thick and fast ... Bruce McClintock claims Neutral ticket is breathtakingly hypocritical ... Michelle Painter slaps down knitting club critic ... Paul Menzies wants the return of civil juries ... Jeffrey Phillips insists his ticket is not right wing ... What to believe? 

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    The Roberts court and other mishaps

    Ten turbulent years of the Roberts court ... Gitmo travesties ... Failure of "black site" victims to get remedies ... Stealing votes ... Roger Fitch, Our Man in Washington, reports 

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    Fullness and frankness

    Barrister does a bit of work without a ticket ... Forgets just how many jobs were involved ... Tells pork pies to the bar council ... Disgraceful ... Judge claims that practising certificates "protect the public" ... Law graduate strikes Top End admission problem as a result of a copy and paste approach to assignments ... Unintentional plagiarising ... Forgets to be full and frank ... Kate Lilly reports 

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    Promises, promises

    UPDATE ... Email meltdown ... NSW briefs besieged with election claims and counter claims ... Tickets advocating "stability" and "neutrality" ... Priceless bauble at stake ... Vote early, vote often ... Roll out the bunting 

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    Assessing the true academic capacity of law students ... Consequences for professional employment ... Variations in methods of marking ... John Eldridge and Rebecca McEwen examine how best to achieve fairness and consistency 

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