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Executive shuffles at the feds ... CEO of Vic Supremes being lured back to the federal courts ... Fight on to keep Family Court CEO ... Blasphemy expert sits tight at FCC ... No money in the till for a better offer ... Read more ... 

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The unravelling of Trump's America ... Tax cuts ... Russia's election in America ... Unqualified judicial appointments ... Contempt at Guantánamo ... Degenerate art ... Our Man in Washington reports ... Read more ... 

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Aunty Meme ... The world of law school memes ... Gummow, with his fashion sense, pips Kirby in online popularity ... Values free crassness ... A comparative study of outstanding student memes ... Read more ... 

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    "They are whining about the amount of money they are going to have to give me, and trying to get it reduced, which is really gross given I am giving all the money to charity." 

    Film celebrity Rebel Wilson, indicating she doesn't need $4.5 million worth of damages, even though she claimed she had lost work and her professional life was harmed because of defamatory articles by Bauer Media magazines. November 26, 2017  ... Read more ... 

    For the latest developments in media law … 

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    Concerning Champagne ... Champagne - a product as much driven by marketing and legend as by the content of the bottle ... Ten myths exploded in a new critique of the bubbly libation ... Justinian's wine man G.D. Wendler explains - just in time for Christmas ... Read more ... 

    Justinian's archive

    The // universe with Evan Whitton ... Lord Robbo on justice for Radovan ... Organised crims love libel law, because they invented it ... It's time Bob French spoke up about the law against muttering ... Questions for Robert Richter ... Rugby quiz ... From Justinian's archive, August 6, 2008 ... Read more ... 



    Movements at The Map

    Disco Dave quits the Supremes so as to get more time on the dance floor ... Local bookie gives odds for the field of possible replacements ... Top family law man spanked by the bureau for muddling his dates ... The Map of Tasmania 

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    Duplication of judicial handiwork by the same judge in a separate judgment - without citation or acknowledgement ... Trouble if a student did it ... Judges are free to "phone it in" ... Ginger Snatch reports 

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    Changing the rules

    Citizens United has transformed the landscape of campaign finance in the USA ... How the US trashed its prisoner-of-war obligations and clung onto Guantanamo Bay ... Rupturing the Geneva Conventions ... Impunity for the Pentagon under loose standards ... Roger Fitch files from Washington 

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    The dark art of sham litigation

    Fraudulent litigation ... Bodgy debts to circumvent real creditors ... Defamation actions to wash money ... Moldovan courts to the rescue of Russian gangsters ... Italian divorces in Maidenhead 

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    Mapping the Obeid case

    In and out of Eddie's office ... Secrets of the safe ... Walking ATM out of service ... Map of Tasmania - the sad case of Adrian Hall ... NSW ODPP at conferenceville ... Trying to digest the Robert Xie trial ... Another round to Chris Dale  

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    Wigging up ... wigging down

    Vic County Court's schedule of judicial wig preferences ... Study it carefully ... Yarraside bar's female silk defence ... Bluto up-to-speed when it comes to concurring with other's reasons ... Seasons greetings from the conveyancer general 

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    Goody Two Shoes to the rescue

    NSW law bulletin ... The AG and the defenestrated Law Reform Commission ... Getting Alan Cameron to breathe life into a comatose commission ... Criminal trial disgrace in the Dizzo ... CCA cranky about underfunded trial courts ... Two-Shoes Upton throws $20 million at the problem  

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    US rewrites the Geneva Conventions

    US Supreme Court's dreadful legacy ... Fifteenth anniversary of Bush v Gore - the decision that "changed everything" ... The environmental hazards of international "trade" agreements ... Guantánamo prisoner held for 13 years in a case of mistaken identity ... Roger Fitch, Our Man in Washington 

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    It's Christmas (Island)

    Maurice Blackburn wins the right to interview "entrusted people" with "protected information" for Christmas Island class action ... Chink opens in punitive Border Force secrecy provisions ... Jack Forrest to the rescue 

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