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The "sleek kangaroo" of Bangalow ... He thought it was romance ... She believed it was sexual harassment ... Sal Vasta gets to work on law firm principal's over-wrought advances ... $170,000 awarded to female solicitor trapped at Bangelow law shop with predatory pest ... Read more ... 

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Ming the Merciless ... Menzies: The Art of Politics ... Placing material success at the centre of things ... Vision of a bigger future goes missing ... Egon Kisch, H.V. Evatt, Petrov ... Politics of Australia and the sad state of now ... Procrustes ferments ... Read more ... 



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    "Sydney is such a strange place. The only place in the world where they have so many parks. Everywhere, national parks. They are only good for snakes." 

    Harry Triguboff, the boss of Meriton, builder of cheap and ugly apartment buildings, complaining that parks are an impediment to property developers. The Wentworth Courier, May 29, 2019 ... Read more flatulence ... 

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    Love of the French ... Distress that Australia's great wine commentator and educator celebrated his birthday with a selection of French wines ... What's wrong with local wines for a well-deserved celebratory toast? ... Gabriel Wendler stirs up a storm in a wine glass ... Read more ... 

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    When only the victim speaks the truth ... Author Bri Lee's book Eggshell Skull scoops up another prize - this time at the Australian Book Industry Awards ... A story of childhood sexual assault ... While the book continues to collect awards, the author's view about how natural justice ought to work should be read with caution ... In 2018 we published lawyer Joanna Jenkins's review ... It's timely to reprise her concerns about the book ... Read more ... 



    Justinian's archive

    Entries in Silk selection (9)


    Portraits of the law 

    Yarraside bar launches portrait gallery of ancient monuments ... How to shop in a wig and gown ... Stalled career relaunched at the bar ... Standby for silk fest ... Fighting for you 

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    Silk queue

    Applicants for Senior Counsel in New South Wales ... 102 put their hands up in a bleak market ... Repeat contenders aplenty ... The list in full 

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    Picking a small bone

    Barrister's silk application arrives 12 minutes after deadline ... Told by bar executive director that it will not be considered ... No "special circumstances" ... Correspondence ... Lawyers at ten paces  

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    Salon de Refusés 

    Selection of new silks ... An odd arrangement that rewards and divides the bar ... The relative importance of popularity and outstanding achievement ... A fresh round of humiliation ... Ginger Snatch reflects  

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    Stressful times at Brisvegas bar 'n' grill

    Silk appointments gridlocked ... Old favourites rejected, again ... Grim economic conditions for juniors ... Helpful advice on how barristers can ingratiate themselves ... Constable Plod takes an insensitive attitute to late BAS and tax returns ... Sir Terence O'Rort explores the misery  

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    Rise of the refuseniks 

    Rumblings in Phillip Street ... Silk refusenicks run for council elections ... More detailed information to be supplied to failed applicants for silk ... Process could drag on into next month ... "Vote for change" 

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    Hands up those who want to be silk

    Here we go again ... A fresh/old batch of NSW applicants for the silk robe ... Tragedy awaits ... 96 in contention ... Salon de refusés beckons 

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    Sick of silks

    Chief Justice of Victoria shunts the silk selection business ... Too busy for this beloved duty ... Dismay abounds as NSW model is in contention

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    Keeping the bastards honest

    Greg Curtin, member of the NSW bar council who last year agitated for silk selection reform, reviews the new process … A revised protocol supported by “conventions” should made the system more performance focussed

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